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April 16, 2012

Street Talk Do you think the rich should have to pay more taxes?

Daily Star

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"First, wealthy Americans pay significantly more already. If you tax someone who makes a million at 30 percent, that's $300,000. Even if you tax someone who makes $100,000 at that same rate, it's $30,000. How is that equal? They need to cut all the country's social welfare programs that are bankrupting the country."

Charles Abrams, Walton, retired.

"No, I think it should be equal."

Cori McCall, Franklin, CNA.

"I don't see how they can't; the poor can't afford it."

Nicholas Runnels, Oneonta, unemployed.

"Yes, if we are ever going to reduce the deficit, they have to."

Anita Sprouse, Franklin, farmer.

"They are the only people who can afford it, but the government needs to stop spending so much money."

Phillip Leblanc, Oneonta, student.

"I really think taxes should be low if not lower, but if they raised the corporate tax rate."

Allen March, Oneonta, student.