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May 18, 2013

On the Go: Patriotism doesn't mean keeping status quo


It’s similar with America. America does a lot of right and a lot of wrong. Each and every citizen has a responsibility to help America grow so these wrongs can be avoided in the future. Editing these wrongs out of our history books won’t make them go away. They’ll fester in obscurity and evolve with ambiguity. Raising a child isn’t always a sunny meadow. Neither is being a citizen. 

I would love to see more transparency in America. If we could evaluate the past factually and without bias we could understand better where we are now. If we had a better understanding of where we are now we could be better prepared for our future. To me, loving America means that I see her warts and decide to always strive to make her better and love her in spite of her flaws without ignoring them.   

The term “American values” has been thrown around a lot lately. What is an American value? I was deemed anti-American because I don’t stand for the pledge and I have pacifistic opinions; basically because I differ from the masses. But wait! Isn’t that the basis for America and all of her history? America can be summed up as one big jumble of “disagreers.” 

Some people in Europe got fed up and sailed across the Atlantic because they disagreed. The original colonies banded together because they disagreed with England. America was born from a bunch of angry people who disagreed with the status quo and decided to change it. We fought a civil war because our country couldn’t agree. In a few years I’ll be able to vote because some people disagreed with our laws and decided to change them. If Americans never had disagreements there simply would be no America.   

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