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January 5, 2013

A Word of Advice: Hard work pays off in many ways

Success isn’t found, success is bled through hard work and dedication. 

Through my recent life, this has been something I have lived by. With every passing day of my sophomore year, I’ve come to realize more and more that no matter your natural skill level in a certain area of study or work, you’ll only get to the top of your field by breaking yourself past your limit, and then some. 

Throughout my middle and high school careers, I was an OK student, always told by teachers that I had lots of potential. More often than not I chose to ride this “potential” as long as I could, skipping out on homework assignments, and opportunities to study for tests and quizzes. In all honesty I felt that I worked hard enough already, and that I deserved a “break” from all of my work.

Well, as a result of the mixing of human natures of procrastination and entitlement, I kept on convincing myself that my teachers were just slave-drivers out to make me work and work and work for nothing.

Eventually reality hit me. My last quarter of ninth grade, a lot of rough things happened to me, pushing me to my breaking point, and I hardly worked on school at all. My final average for that marking period, 86. Now relatively speaking that was way under par for my usual 89s, and though that’s the best a lot of people could do, that wasn’t something I thought my parents would be happy about. I began to look at my academic ethics.

“Am I dumb? Is this just the best I can do?” I thought to myself. Then it came to me, I had never worked as hard as my overachieving friends. They were always up until the crack of dawn working on homework, and I was sitting around playing games and other trivial nonsense at those hours, blowing off my homework because I felt I was too good to do it. So I did an experiment my first 10th-grade marking period. I worked as hard as I could and did all of my homework, studying for each major exam.   

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