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January 5, 2013

A Word of Advice: Hard work pays off in many ways


The results were fantastic. I had a 92 overall GPA and for the first time in years made the high honor roll. I felt amazing, like I had removed a bloodsucking crustacean from my back that had been incapacitating my abilities in life for years. I was proud of myself, the people around me were proud, and I knew I was working as hard as I could. That increase in work ethic helped me do lots in a short amount of time, including winning class presidency and becoming a columnist at this newspaper.   

I also learned I could always work harder though. Study sessions got longer, personal schedules became tighter, and my grades rose. I managed a 94 this last marking period, and I truly felt I earned it. Before in those darker days of laziness, I felt sadness that I wasn’t doing anything special or successful with my life, but finally I had a reason to feel that I really was doing something good for myself.

It makes me sad to see kids going through life feeling that they just can’t succeed. Most call themselves dumb, simply saying that higher studies are just beyond them. Something to consider in this is that, while neurological horsepower may be a finite resource, effort is not. Effort can make up what we lack naturally. Yes, some people can skate along through school, no studying, and pull perfect grades, but most of us have to study, work, sweat and break our backs over doing our best work possible. 

When you truly work to the point you can’t even think anymore, or if you’re doing physical work, move, you’ll probably get the same results as those no effort wonder-children, but you’ll also have something they won’t. You’ll have full knowledge that you put your heart, soul and every other internal organ in your body into your work, and that because of it you proved to yourself that you really are capable of amazing things. 

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