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Teen Talk

December 7, 2013

A Word of Advice: Digital speak doesn't translate


Interesting conversation or writing should transcend generation gaps and sound pleasant to the ear, something that can be ruined when digital conveniences are thrown into the mix.

Another bane to conversation is simply the lack of effort given into it. The hardest place you can be put into conversationally is when you’re dealt a topic within the verbal volley of things that you simply don’t care for.

However a common conversation killer is responding to these with a myriad of one-word replies. “Cool,” “nice,” “sweet,” all really short ways of essentially telling the person you’re talking to that you’re completely uninterested in what they have to say. This would be OK if you wanted to end the conversation then and there; however if you were to ever expect the other person to show any interest in what you have to say, well, do unto others as you would unto you. It really just kinda lets the other person down that you don’t care about what he has to say and typically halts any momentum the conversation held previously, as in the gist of things, conversation is all about flow and momentum of topics and responses. 

 Jarring terminology from the Internet and short thoughtless responses are killers to conversation but the largest threat to this endangered practice is avoidance of it all together. Conversation is healthy, allows the sharing of hopes and ideals, and is fun, sadly something easily lost in today’s text- based world. So for that reason I encourage all six people reading this to go out and try to have three conversations that last at least 10 minutes a piece with people of your choice a day. You’ll find yourself happier and with a better knowledge of the people around you, and maybe even yourself, so keeping my tips in mind, worry less about mastery of conversation and more about the joy of it. 

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