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Tom Sears

November 9, 2010

On the Right Side: Libs can’t spin election results into victory

Not a bad Tuesday. Not bad at all. Historic gains for conservatives and disastrous results for the liberals. Sure, there were some disappointments, but all we have to do is come up with better candidates next time.

Now remember, the libs are certainly going to try to spin these election results positively so as to save face. This will be quite amusing to watch. They will probably focus on the Senate and call it a positive that we gained “only” six Senate seats. Before they gloat too loudly over that “victory,” I think it would be best for them to remember that only a third of the Senate seats were up for election this year. In 2012, only 10 Republican seats will be on the slate with only one truly vulnerable. On the other hand, the Democrats have 23 seats up for re-election with at least 10 senators vulnerable. Anybody want to take bets on who wins the Senate next time?

And speaking of the Senate, even though the Republicans hold 46 seats, do you really think the senators coming up for re-election will continue to drink Obama’s Kool-Aid? All we need is for five Democrats to see the light and realize what happened to a lot of their colleagues when they followed their dear leader and master ideologue. We might get more positive legislation passed than we thought possible, after all.

Hey libs, do you still think this Tea Party thing is just an angry, racist, small fringe element and inconsequential? I hope you secular progressives keep thinking that way. We have been awakened; we easily have the numbers and will no longer be the silent majority.

You Republicans have been given a second chance. Don’t blow it this time. You say you realized the error of your ways, but you have only two years to prove it. If you lied to us to get elected, then you will be flushed along with more liberals and Obama in two short years.

All you have to do is continue to listen to the voice of the people who put you in power, legislate accordingly, and you will see success similar to 2010 happen in 2012. You have been derisively labeled “the party of no,” and it seems people are OK with that. Just be ethical and moral and hold true to conservative principles, and the liberals won’t get another chance to ruin the country.

As unbelievable as it seems, Obama still can’t grasp the concept that this election rejected him. Instead of seeing that his policies have been terrible failures, he still thinks the only problem was that people were too stupid to know what was really good for them and he only did a poor job in communicating. You can now add arrogance and a condescending attitude to his inexperience and incompetence. But that’s OK, Barack. Please just keep thinking that way and we will have to put up with you for only two more years.

Do you honestly think Obama will actually concede and let the Republicans in on the decision-making? Even though the Republicans have had plenty of good, alternative ideas, they haven’t even been allowed to be a part of the discussions. Barack isn’t going to change his stripes, so all you can hope for is to block his socialist agenda, stopping him and his liberal cronies dead in their tracks. You know that anything the party recommends that comes close to a conservative agenda will be rejected and vetoed by the temporary occupant of the White House.

As shown by last week, the people are fine with that. All we have to do is stop Obama from further ruining this country and in two years we can begin to move the country forward with a positive agenda.

And can you believe this Nancy Pelosi? She doesn’t think all that happened to her party had a thing to do with her. She is actually going to run for the minority leadership position. If the House Democrats are going to allow her to continue to be their leader, then they are dumber than I thought.

On the other hand, it won’t be a bad thing for us. You run, girl, and you Democrats run along right behind her. You still haven’t learned from the painful results and you are going to be “shellacked” again. Don’t forget to keep the Kool-Aid handy. However, you still have time to see the light and get “On The Right Side.”

Tom Sears is a professor of accounting at Hartwick College in Oneonta. He can be reached at His column appears every other week. His columns can be found at


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Tom Sears

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