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Tom Sears

January 21, 2008

On the Right Side: Changing climate isn't man's fault

I just received confirmation for my upcoming trip and found that I could assuage my conscience by "offsetting my trip's carbon emissions."

I'll have someone plant some trees for me. For $10, I could offset the carbon of a trip that included air travel, a one-night stay at a hotel and a rental car for one person. If I paid $40, I could equalize the effects of air travel, a four-night hotel stay and a rental car for four people.

What difference a rental car with one or four people in it makes, I have no idea, and I don't dare ask. I would only receive some wacky explanation that would depress me. Since I had no guilt associated with the damage I would be causing, I chose not to throw my money away.

It's getting a little too crazy out there. The global-warming cultists (forgive me if the latest politically correct term is climate change) want me to change my entire lifestyle to suit their desires.

They don't care a bit when their false prophet, Al Gore, jets all over world strutting and preening and delivering his message.

His 10,000 or so disciples, when they held their climate change conference in Bali, spewed forth an estimated 100,000 tons of carbon, including 48,000 tons of it in air travel. Why didn't they video-conference instead? Why didn't they hold their party in Antarctica instead of tropical Bali?

Why don't the big guys and Hollywood characters practice what they preach? They live in their 10,000-square-foot homes, drive their limos, fly their private jets and live an opulent lifestyle while they expect us to drive around cheap little cars, grow our own food and bike or walk to work.

Can you define hypocrisy any better than that? But they have assured us it's OK for them to continue like this because they have paid to offset their "carbon footprint." Isn't that another neat phrase they have coined? I'll wait until they lead by example. What's wrong with their lessening their carbon footprint by flying tourist class, getting rid of their limos, downsizing their homes, etc., and still planting all the little trees? I guarantee you won't ever see that happening.

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Tom Sears

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