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Tom Sears

April 1, 2008

On the Right Side: To enhance appeal, Dems rely on lies

Dementia. The dictionary defines it as "the usually progressive deterioration of intellectual functions such as memory that can occur while other brain functions such as those controlling movement and senses are retained."

Maybe those diehard Hillary supporters can use this as an excuse for her most-recent lie. In a very detailed fashion, she described how she landed under fire in Bosnia and had to run with her head down to the waiting cars, skipping the welcoming ceremony planned for her at the airport.

She continued to support this claim through several questionings until, oops: the video came out proving her wrong.

It was not an embellishment, not an exaggeration, not her claim that she "misspoke," but a simple, bald-faced lie. Maybe she thought that because the tearing-up act won her New Hampshire, the sleep-deprivation excuse would work this time.

Who knows? It sure didn't work this time, as her approval ratings plummeted to her lowest ever. A Wall Street Journal poll showed her approval rating at a mere 37 percent; even more damaging, she was at 24 percent among independents.

Shouldn't we be used to the Clinton lie machine by now? Hillary herself has been caught lying at least a half-dozen times and suspected in another dozen or so other incidents.

We don't even have to talk about Bill and his numerous "mis-truths." I think it is impossible for the Clintons to distinguish between a truth and a lie anymore. They simply pick the one that gives them the best chance of enhancing their position.

But, alas, this might be my last column concerning Hillary. Barack Obama has the nomination won unless the Clinton attack machine can uncover or manufacture some dirt on him. If I were you, Obama, I wouldn't put it past them.

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Tom Sears

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