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September 30, 2008

On the Right Side: Voters will know who’s qualified

All we can do this Nov. 4 is hope that the voting public looks beyond the Barack Obama-praising media and honestly looks at the real credentials of all four candidates.

I honestly think that when the voter steps inside the booth, closes the curtain and pulls the lever, it will be for the team so much more qualified to lead America.

First of all, since the Obama campaign would rather focus on Gov. Sarah Palin rather than John McCain, we should briefly list her credentials as I will later list his.

I already discussed Palin in my last column, but there are a few more points I should bring up.

She ran a successful fishing business before leaving that to serve on her city council. She was a city mayor for 10 years and then the governor of Alaska.

While governor, she managed 17,000 personnel and was responsible for a $9 billion budget. She was commander in chief of the Alaska National Guard. She planned, promoted and successfully pushed through a project that represented the largest natural-gas line project ever approved in this country.

She has shown courage in standing up to senior politicians of both sides, lobbyists and big corporations.

It is kind of amusing when these modern “feminists” write about how their intelligence is insulted if John McCain thought his choice of Palin would sway them.

I only have to say their vote is unimportant. I think true feminists of the old school will respect and admire the qualities of being able to balance a very high-powered career with a successful family life.

The modern group of “feminists” is simply a group of political hacks with a far-left radical agenda. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds, i.e. the treatment of Clarence Thomas versus their support for Willy Clinton.

But the real issue is Obama vs. Mc- Cain. Obama can’t even come close in terms of integrity, honor and decades of devotion and service to our country. Military men and women honor and respect him, as McCain does them. Mc- Cain is stronger on issues of national security, taxes, trade and energy, which I will compare with Obama’s policies in my next column.

Pretty soon, people will realize Obama is the emperor with no clothes. He is an empty suit with no substance and without his teleprompter-supported speeches (which I have to admit he does deliver quite eloquently) he stumbles, mumbles and bumbles his way through town hall-like discussions with ordinary Americans.

It is disgusting how the media let him get away with all his antics. Remember how Chris Matthews of MSNBC gets tingles up and down his legs every time Obama speaks? This is an example of a professional unbiased reporter and journalist?

For Obama, everything is staged. I remember that he had to call for water when a swooning fan fainted during his speech. This happened four times in close succession. When he was called on the obviousness of this staging, all the fainting miraculously went away. How strange. How shallow.

Before I get into Obama’s lack of everything, I have to get to Joe Biden. Remember when the press went bonkers when Dan Quayle misspelled potato? All he did was add an “e” on the end of the word. In fact, either spelling was accepted in the 19th century.

But oh, how the ridicule was heaped upon the hapless Quayle by all the reporters. I can guarantee you that there are far worse spellers coming into the field of journalism now.

Now comes Joe Biden. He actually referred to President Franklin Roosevelt coming on TV in 1929 in a speech regarding the Depression. No. 1, Franklin Roosevelt wasn’t president in 1929 and No. 2, the TV hadn’t been invented yet. Honestly, which gaffe do you think is more important? But enough on poor, old Joe.

With only two columns to go before the election, I will be listing Obama’s “extensive” resume relating to his experience, his questionable associations with dubious characters, his lack of good judgment, and, most importantly, his very scary policy proposals and his vision for our country.

Do we really want this man to be the most powerful man in the world as our next president? I can only hope good sense and judgment prevail in the voting booth.


Tom Sears is a professor of accounting at Hartwick College in Oneonta. He can be reached at His column appears every other week.