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Tom Sears

October 28, 2008

On the Right Side: Excuses are being made by Obama camp already

Finally, we have only a week to go before the elections. McCain/Palin have pulled close in the polls but still have an uphill fight.

What compounds the problem is that John McCain originally accepted public fundraising limits and stuck to his word, while Barack Obama, just to illustrate another character flaw _ lying _ originally made comments about the same pledge but reneged.

The consequence? Obama has raised more than $600 million, has $134 million on hand and $700,000 in campaign debts.

McCain has been allowed to spend $84 million over the last two months of the campaign. You can bet Obama will be swamping the airwaves with lies and smears about McCain's economic and foreign policy issues.

But maybe help is on the way. Barack hurt his cause when a simple question made by an ordinary citizen exposed his socialist beliefs.

Barack said yes, "Joe The Plumber" Wurzelbacher would pay more taxes if he went ahead and bought a business that generated more than $250,000 a year.

Obama said he really didn't want to punish the rich. He simply wanted to spread the wealth around! If that's not socialism (along with his national health care plan), I don't know what is.

He enforced this strategy when he stated that he is going to lower taxes on 95 percent of taxpayers. That will be a great trick since 38 percent of Americans already don't pay any tax at all. What he really meant was he would expand the welfare state.

Admit it, Obama. You want to take from those who produce and give it to those who don't. Makes you want to run out and work harder, doesn't it? So much for his sound economic policies.

Then, Joe "the gaffer" Biden, the person who is supposed to shore up the foreign policy weaknesses of his running mate, actually told the truth this time.

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Tom Sears

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