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Tom Sears

February 3, 2009

On the Right Side: Israel need not give in to Hamas

I'm trying very hard to give Obama a 30-day honeymoon period, but it's getting harder and harder to do so.

He sure is giving me plenty to write about in future columns, but first, one more column on Israel and Hamas.

Let me see if I have this right. Israel accomplished most of its goals during its self-defense actions.

The Israelis destroyed Hamas' infrastructure and greatly reduced its military capabilities, eliminated 1,000-plus terrorists, destroyed more than two-thirds of the smuggling tunnels and caused Hamas' brave leaders to scurry like cockroaches.

The Israelis declared a unilateral cease-fire and pulled back, applying their own time frame. So what did the cowards do?

Hamas crawled back out of its Saddam-like spider holes, peeked warily out from behind the women and children, nervously looked around to make sure it was safe, and then, and only then, did these brave warriors stick out their chests and declare victory!

I'm sure Israel would love to have more losses like this in the future. These terrorists pound their chests and celebrate every rocket launched, hoping to kill Israelis. Any Israeli will do.

Yet they declare to be victims when fire is returned. They sure do know how to play the victim's part, don't they? It's amazing how they can cry, producing real tears on cue. Even a lot of Hollywood actors can't do that.

Then the world, seeing Israel respond with force in self-defense, claims Israel has reacted disproportionately. How is it supposed to respond when its very survival is at stake? It should respond until the threat has been removed.

When you walk back and forth to your garden and are harassed daily by wasps or hornets, being stung once in awhile, what do you do? You buy a can of wasp-killing spray and seek out the nest. Once you find the nest, do you wait and try to identify the wasps that stung, eliminating only those, or do you wipe out the whole nest?

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Tom Sears

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