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Tom Sears

April 28, 2009

On the Right Side: Don't let yourself get fooled again

Obama's continual incompetence is giving me so much material, I think I have enough for my next 10 columns.

As much as I would like to begin to write about these weaknesses, I really have to write about the recent TEA (Taxed Enough Already) parties held in all 50 states April 15.

I attended one in Milford and was truly impressed. It was organized and run by a gentleman who paid for all the costs out of his own pocket.

It was estimated that more than 50 people attended, and everyone had the opportunity to express personal concerns about where this country is going and what can be done about it. The whole event was orderly, peaceful and everyone acted responsibly.

The other parties had the same result: unbelievable success. The numbers are still coming in, but the latest estimates range from 300,000 to more than 1 million at more than 2,500 locations.

What makes this amazing is that there was no George Soros, MoveOn.Org or Acorn group to finance and organize the events. It was truly a grass-roots effort made by thousands of normal, patriotic, tradition-believing individuals who really care about this country.

Now, the left, predictably, attempted to use lies and distortions to demean and degrade these events. Normal, intelligent people easily saw through these weak, pitiful attempts.

One of the best outcomes was that young people, the ones who overwhelmingly supported Obama, are beginning to see the real Barack rather than the one who lied and deceived his way into office.

Now that they are seeing their future and their children's futures being mortgaged away by the Obama, Reid and Pelosi cabal, they are realizing what a big mistake they made. The good news is that I am certain most won't allow themselves to be duped again.

This is not to say the Republicans came out of this unscathed. The event I attended held contempt for both free-spending parties, and rightfully so.

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Tom Sears

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