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Tom Sears

May 26, 2009

On the Right Side: The military deserves more respect

Just a little more on the book ``Lone Survivor'' by Marcus Luttrell, Navy SEAL. He continues to describe what the military is up against.

It gets very discouraging for them to pick up a paper and read about our politicians degrading the military. We all remember the Haditha Marines who were accused of murder. Jack Murtha jumped out front (with Kennedy, Kerry and Reid close behind), and with absolutely no facts, declared them guilty.

It got even worse. He called our troops rapists, murderers and uncontrolled criminals. Predictably, the lapdog media loved it and aggressively ran with it. Remember, there were no facts known about the incident, there hadn't been any trial and no evidence had been presented, but that didn't matter to the media and our leftist, anti-American politicians.

Lo and behold, the charges turned out to be false. Seven marines were acquitted and one had the charges reduced. Egg on the accusers' faces? Of course. The sense of honor to apologize and retract? Of course not. Murtha sure didn't feel any need to.

And the mainstream media wonder why more and more people are seeking other outlets to get the truth? If they don't wake up soon, they will simply follow the path of The New York Times into oblivion and irrelevance. Actually, I sort of hope they don't wake up.

Luttrell hits the nail on the head when he says, "In the military, if we don't know something, we say we don't and proceed to shut up until we do. Some highly paid charlatans in the media (and politics) think it's absolutely fine to take a wild guess at the truth and then tell a couple of million people it's a cast-iron fact, just in case they might be right."

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Tom Sears

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