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Tom Sears

September 15, 2009

On the Right Side: Don't let truth get in the way

I had to wait to write this column until Obama's ego was assuaged by giving yet another prime-time campaign speech.

He wanted bipartisanship, yet continually scolded Republicans and conservatives.

Yes, Joe Wilson was right, Obama doesn't let facts get in the way, and he has no problem telling untruths to advance what he wants. We should be used to this by now.

Yes, in many ways he is enjoyable to watch. He has all the moves down pat. He is a great reader of the teleprompter, he does have charisma and he still thinks these skills are going to get him anything he wants.

Fortunately, ordinary people who got fooled once are starting to see right through him. Just take a look at his plunging approval ratings and his soaring disapproval scores. But yet he plods on. As is his typical style, great rhetoric but no substance.

But, almost everyone, except for Obama, the mainstream media (who are becoming more irrelevant each day), and the liberal left wing of the Democrat Party realizes a change of such magnitude should be taken slowly, cautiously and in phases.

He has pretty much used up his political capital and should have thought of this before he wasted it on his failed stimulus bill and his soon-to-fail cap-and-trade legislation.

The Republicans have a lot of good advice for you, but you haven't been bothered to listen to them at all since last April or May. Please define bipartisanship for me once more, Barack.

Here's some advice for you.

Baby steps, Barack, baby steps. An outline first and then I'll expand.

1. Tort reform. I know you are in the front pocket of those ambulance-chasing malpractice trial lawyers, but you have to give more than lip service to it.

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Tom Sears

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