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Tom Sears

March 2, 2010

On the Right Side: Conservatism is on a roll; still work to be done

From all the recent events and their successful outcomes, it seems like conservatism is on a roll. However, now is certainly not the time to become complacent. There is a lot of work to be done over the next eight months.

The Republican Party is about to be given a second chance at governing, and they can't screw it up like they did last time. I hope this time we will have the appropriately strong conservative voices in Congress (and the White House in 2012) to make sure conservative principles are carried out.

With the primaries and the campaigns coming up, you can be sure the Democrats, especially the liberals, will be doing their best to run away from their past records and instead make wonderful promises, telling everyone they have finally heard the message. This also applies to the Republicans-in-name-only candidates. Don't believe a word they are saying. They are simply desperate to hang on to their jobs and really don't care too much about us or the country.

Lying worked last time, and they think it will work again. They knew they had to look like a conservative to get elected, even though they had no intention of governing as a conservative. Just look at all the promises Barack made during his campaign. It sure worked for him. It worked so well, he is still using this strategy.

Uh, Barack, it's not working any more. Just look at your plummeting approval rating, which is well below 50 percent. Even the peanut farmer had a higher approval rating for the same time period.

It is time for conservatives to become activists. We have to tell people every chance we get to not listen to candidates' promises but rather judge them solely on their track record. Nothing else matters. If we had done this with Obama, he would still be a relatively insignificant senator from Illinois, albeit the most liberal senator in the Democratic Party. He would be going back to his "church" to hear Jeremiah Wright preach hatred and would still be hanging around his left-wing radical friends like Saul Alinsky. Maybe he would even have time to spend a weekend or two every now and then for ACORN, counseling people on how to get away with illegal behavior.

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Tom Sears

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