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Tom Sears

August 18, 2009

On the Right Side: Politicians should lead by example

It's hard to follow what is happening in the U.S. while being here in Romania, but it is quite easy to see that politicians are having a heck of a time trying to sell the idea of "Obamacare" to their constituents.

They have no idea what is even in the bill since they haven't read it. Whenever asked a specific question, they mumble something incoherent and try to move to another topic as quickly as possible.

Many of those people who have read it say we should be scared of what the bill includes. And these same politicians are going to vote on something representing one-sixth of our economy and affecting nearly every U.S. citizen? It might have worked with the cap-and-trade bamboozle, but not this time.

Obama himself is in full campaign mode, armed with his teleprompter, charm and rhetorical excesses, and telling everyone that opponents of the bill are lying and using scare tactics to defeat his proposal.

Excuse me, Barack. What is a pathological liar doing calling other people liars? Your image comes to mind when that old saying, "you can tell he's lying whenever his lips are moving" is used.

Scare tactics being unfairly used? Excuse me once again, Barack. You have used scare tactics (the "Chicken-Little, sky-is-falling" strategy) to get legislation passed ever since you entered office.

Sorry, Obama, you're like the little shepherd lad who cried "wolf" once too often. More and more people every day are simply beginning to ignore you. It's too bad you didn't show your true colors while you were still running for office. The country wouldn't be in anywhere near the perilous position you have put us in.

OK, Barack, lead by example. Will you be the first to sign up for your government-run (don't even bother to try to label it anything else) health care plan?

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Tom Sears

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