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June 24, 2010

On the Right Side: Ignore liberals on rallies, Palin stories

Tom Sears

— I want to congratulate Maureen O’Connell and Sue MacNeill for making the first Walton Tea Party rally a huge success. Even with the inclement weather, more than 100 people were in attendance. This was the case even though the date was misprinted in the paper.

 There will be a huge rally July 3 in Sidney, starting at 10 a.m. It is being organized by Steve Anderson, and there will be speakers, music, food from Brooks House of BBQ, and fireworks in the evening. This one is going to be impressive. Call Steve at 607-563-2554 for directions and information.

 The liberals are trying their best to downplay the impact of these rallies, but our numbers are growing by leaps and bounds. If you are truly an independent, and an independent thinker, please, don’t listen to these liberal lies. Come to one or more rallies and see for yourself the excitement and grass-roots attitudes of the people attending. You will be favorably impressed.

 If you want to see the lengths these secular progressives will go to smear a person’s good name, please, please read Sarah Palin’s book, “Going Rogue.” You will see why the last thing you should do is listen to these morally deficient individuals and why you should have a great deal of respect for this very strong woman.

 Remember, I am writing this column for conservatives and those independents who have an open mind. Just to show you how careful you have to be in guarding against liberal lies is the tired old, continuing accusation of the famous Palin misquote, “I can see Russia from my back porch.” It started out to be just another smear started by the radical liberals, but it is amazing how many people were too lazy to actually research it as to its truth.

 The fact is that the quote came from Tina Fey, a Sarah Palin imposter performing on “Saturday Night Live.” It was not said by Sarah Palin herself!  Is this an example of where you people are too lazy and rely on SNL or the talking heads to get your information?  Do you lazily let them form all your opinions?

 OK, if you still want to believe she said that, I have another task for you if you are ambitious enough to make the effort. Get a road atlas and look up the map for Alaska. Now locate Wasilla. I’ll even give you a hint, it’s near Anchorage. Then check out the mileage scale. You should find that the distance from Wasilla (I really don’t know where her back porch is) to the Russian coast is more than 800 miles. Need I say more? Have you ever heard of something called a figure of speech?

 This reminds me of a joke that is very apropos. Two liberals were sitting on their back porch in upstate New York one evening, looking up at the full moon. One liberal had a furrowed brow that made the other one ask what the problem was. The first liberal said, “I was just wondering, which do you think is farther away, the moon or Florida?” The second liberal looked at him in wonderment and replied, “Duh, that’s easy, you can see the moon can’t you?”

 So just remember, the next time you hear a person repeat that earlier phrase and attribute it to Sarah Palin, you are probably talking to one of those liberals on the porch. Just smile and walk away ... quickly.

 Oh yes, now their latest smear is where they are claiming Sarah Palin has had breast implants. Libs, do you really want to admit to being in favor of the people who behave like this, or support the character of people who use smear tactics like this? Your silence says you accept these tactics.

 Now, as for you women’s groups, self-proclaimed feminists, etc. Do you actually stand on principles, or are you merely political hypocrites when groups attack women as viciously as this? I don’t need to hear your words; your actions will speak volumes for you. The ball’s in your court now. What are you going to do?

 You can tell the election season is upon us. U.S. Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand and Charles Schumer, as well as U.S. Reps. Michael Arcuri and Scott Murphy are all of a sudden remembering that they are supposed to be representing  New York and no longer (temporarily) lap dogs for Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

 All of a sudden they are telling all of us how hard they have been working for us and making brand  new promises to show us just that. What fakes they are! They are really into the Washington power scene and want to stay there. They actually think our memories are so short that we will forgive them and re-elect them to another term. Let’s all vigorously support their conservative opponents.

Tom Sears is a professor of accounting at Hartwick College in Oneonta. He can be reached at His column appears every other week. His columns can be found at