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Tom Sears

March 16, 2010

On the Right Side: Losses loom for left-wing lemmings


And this is where the Tea Party participants have a say. Only candidates with conservative credentials should and will be promoted.

The left can rant and rave and call us every name in the book, but all we have to do is continue to gain strength and not falter from now to Election Day. And believe me, as they get more and more scared, the worse the rantings will become.

When independent-minded people come and experience one or more of the planned events, they will see how wrong the lefty radicals are.

And speaking of rantings, one has only to look at the feedback under the electronic version of my column on The Daily Star website. All it took was a few brave-souled individuals to provide feedback and support, and the crazies came bounding out from everywhere.

I want to thank those individuals who have written on my behalf, and if you could only see the number of positive e-mails I get, you would certainly be relieved, knowing that you are the true majority.

One final question. First, let me say that I know many attorneys, and, with the exception of one or two, I have found them all to be ethical and honest individuals. I respect every one of them.

But I still have to ask, who the heck writes these bills coming out of Congress? I thought the law was supposed to be written so that it was understandable to the reasonable man. Just go online and see if a reasonable man can even begin to read, much less comprehend, these laws.

We have the latest Senate version of the health care bill that is 2,074 pages. This comes after a House version of 1,990 pages and an earlier Senate version that was 1,502 pages. No one in either house has even bothered to read what they contained but still voted for them. Is this responsible behavior?

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Tom Sears

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