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October 13, 2009

On the Right Side: Right is winning war of ideas

Things are looking up for the conservative side of the Republican Party.

No one could have predicted the overwhelming success of the two TEA parties held earlier this year. And then to top that success, we had the overwhelming turnout for the March on Washington on Sept. 12.

The estimates from responsible sources numbered the crowd in Washington to be between 1.5 and 2 million people. As Bob Parks, a conservative Republican, said "It had to be around 2 million people because we never saw the end of the march. The Park Service likes it whenever conservatives gather at the Washington Mall because, unlike their ideological counterparts, they were orderly and there was no litter to be seen afterwards."

It really doesn't matter how the White House, Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid pooh-poohed the gatherings. They are becoming more and more insignificant by the day. But they are scared.

All you have to do is look at the wealth of facts on our side. Conservative TV is growing more dominant by the day. The latest survey had Fox News drawing a larger audience than MSNBC and CNN combined.

Conservative newspapers are also getting stronger and aren't having the same advertising dollar problems as their liberal, mainstream competition.

The Pew Research Center found that 63 percent of those surveyed find the information in the mainstream media is often inaccurate, only 29 percent agree that "the media usually get the facts right," and only 26 percent agree that news sources, the mainstream media, even make an attempt to keep their reporting politically unbiased.

Conservative radio talk show hosts are also dominating and growing stronger. Can anyone name a liberal talk show that is economically viable? Check out the top 10 hosts before you even try.

And how about conservative authors? Every new book written by a conservative shoots to the top of the best-seller list. I bet the New York Times and its best-seller list loves that.

Sarah Palin's best-selling book has an initial printing of 1.5 million copies and it hasn't even been printed yet! Who do the liberals have? Michael Moore, of course. Check out the success of his books and movies, in spite of all the awards Hollywood gives him.

We conservatives do have to be careful about the danger of letting our excitement and enthusiasm burn us out before the 2010 and 2012 election periods. These are watershed events that we, and our country, can't afford to lose.

Actually we don't have to do much at all. The liberal leftist leadership in Congress, along with the man-child in the White House, just keep shooting themselves in the foot.

It's like watching a Keystone Kops episode, except the bumbling ineptness and incompetence are going to seriously harm this country. Let's hope the damage isn't permanent.

Just look at the cap-and-trade legislation that will add between $1,000 and $2,000 dollars to the average family in new energy costs (taxes).

Another failure is the $787 billion stimulus package that Barack said must be passed or else unemployment would exceed 8 percent. Since we are at an unemployment rate that will soon surpass 10 percent and seriously impede an economic recovery, maybe our representatives should have read the bill before voting for it.

The only things stimulated were Democrat special interest groups and pork projects. It has failed miserably and now Obama wants a second stimulus package passed!

Cash for Clunkers ? It was supposed to save the environment by getting CO2-spewing vehicles off the highway. One estimate is that the program will save 0.04 percent of CO2 emissions. This is the equivalent of two days emissions over the next decade.

Also, 59 percent of the cars purchased through the program were foreign-made. All this for a cost of "only" $1.4 billion to us taxpayers. And the list of failures goes on and on.

So we must start a list of the promises broken and failed programs and not let the voters forget as election time nears. The liberals will once again talk like conservatives because they know that's the only chance they have of getting re-elected.

We have to hold them accountable for their previous actions. We must call them on their voting history, not their promises.

We simply have to calmly present the data to common sense-thinking Americans and independent voters. We have the truth on our side. The only things the liberal leftist crowd have on their side (to their detriment), is their loudness and their emotional, frenzied, in-your-face outbursts.

They will only get louder as our momentum builds, and it is time for our side to not sit around and take it anymore. It is time for us to be heard also. We can't let these ideologues get away with lying any longer.


Tom Sears is a professor of accounting at Hartwick College in Oneonta. He can be reached at His column appears every other week.