As of Sept. 23

Player, TeamGPG-A _ P

Jake Chase, Coop.711-7_29

Nick Meehan, Delhi59-5_23

Peter Fabrykiewicz, Andes510-1_21

Eric Deemer, OHS810-0_20

Jacob Joseph, OHS84-11_19

Tyler Smith, Marg.58-2_18

Justin Utter, Morris77-3_17

Cody Burns, SK68-1_17

Shawn Cope, CV-S97-2_16

Alex Shuster, CV-S97-1_15

Buddy Adam, D'port66-3_15

Justin West, Laurens85-2_12

Brian Lowe, Windham55-2_12

Abraham Morales, Marg.54-4_12

Corey Barrett, Andes54-4_12

Josh Edwards, Sidney64-3_11

Brandon Lane, Coop.74-3_11

Derek Joyce, Unatego55-1_11

Mike Gaddis, Stamford74-2_10

Tyler Dibble, Jeff.74-2_10

Eddie Mackay, Andes53-4_10

Brennan Chambers, Walton64-2_10

Greg Lehn, Marg.53-3_9

Nolan VanFleet, Sidney63-3_9

Andre Coelho, Stamford74-1_9

Seth Drugatz, CV-S93-3_9

Jake Hoag, CV-S93-3_9

Garrett Reynolds, D'port54-1_9

Pheonix Howard, Laurens83-3_9

Eric Smith, Morris72-4_8

Matt Struckle, Laurens83-2_8

Jacob Pasa, Jeff.73-2_8

Steve Keever, Worcester64-0_8

Nate Moorby, D'port63-2_8

Gavin Boyle, Stamford72-3_7

Steve Patten, B-G53-1_7

Chris Simmons, Edmeston73-1_7

Ben Gifford, Delhi53-1_7

Hunter Sowersby, Sidney63-1_7

Lucas Cipperly, Delhi53-1_7

Derek Briggs, Gilboa73-1_7

Kyle Hohensee, Coop.73-1_7

Zach Davis, H-T43-0_6

Damon Gardner, SK63-0_6

Trevor Holdridge, SK62-2_6

Tyler Magnis, Walton63-0_6

Dale Morley, Walton62-2_6

Justin Maidens, D'port62-2_6

Bryan Herbig, Sidney62-2_6

Dan Frazer, Windham52-2_6

Carson King, Delhi51-3_5

Eric Smith, Morris51-3_5

Spencer Hinkley, Roxbury52-1_5

Cody Ruff, Andes52-1_5

Eric Reed, Andes51-3_5

Justin Kovacevich, Gilboa42-1_5

Joe Acanfora, G-MU51-3_5

Dalton Polomcean, Down.42-0_4

Key: GP, Games Played; G-A_P, Goals-Assists_Points.

Notes: Statistics are based on games reported to The Daily Star as of Sept. 23. Players must average at least one point per game to appear in scoring leaders. "Games Played" indicates total games played by teams, not individual players.

Corrections: Only coaches may report corrections or games that have not appeared in The Daily Star by calling 607-432-1000 after 4 p.m. weekdays or by e-mailing

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