DELHI _ The tentative 2008 Delaware County budget carries a tax-levy increase of about 2 percent, a figure that may go down as revisions are made, John Meredith, county budget director, said Thursday.

Spending is set to increase by $7,416,942 from this year's budget, but revenues are set to increase $16,307,876 because of Federal Emergency Management Agency money for flood repairs, said Meredith, who is Walton supervisor.

The 2007 appropriations total $86,726,758 as compared with 2008 figures of $94,143,700. The 2007 revenues were $58,478,889 while the 2008 total is $74,786,765.

Spending increases are because of a $125,000 increase in community college tuition and public works flood projects, Meredith said.

There are also five new positions in the budget: a senior engineer in the Public Works Department; a geographic information systems technician in the Planning Department; two corrections officers to work in court security and to assist with a backlog in civil and pistol permit applications; and a special-education coordinator in public health nursing.

Meredith said $7 million of the general fund surplus, $749,000 in highway department surplus and $98,000 from the reserve fund were used to keep the tax-levy increase low.

He presented the budget proposal to the county Board of Supervisors at the meeting Wednesday. He said a budget workshop would be scheduled next week if needed.

Board Chairman James Eisel set the public hearing on the 2008 budget for 12:45 p.m. Nov. 28.

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