Bainbridge-Guilford athletic awards for the 2007-08 academic year.

U.S. Army Reserve National Scholar-Athlete Award: Katarina Holowacz and Ben Laing.

U.S. Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award: Cassie Anderson and Kyle Davy.

Class of 2008 Outstanding Female: Mariah Schaeffer.

Class of 2008 Outstanding Male: Chris McGinnis.

Flossie Uhlig Memorial Coaches Award (most coachable female): Katarina Holowacz and Christina Butcher.

Sam Taylor Memorial Coaches Award (most coachable male): Chris McFee.

John Benkovitz Memorial Award (JV): Ashley LaMont and Matthew Robinson.

Fall Sports

Football: Most coachable, Dustin Ross; Most improved, Jon Worden; Frank Strasnicsak Memorial Award for most dependable, Chris McGinnis and Dylan Whitaker; Offensive lineman of year, Tyler Thompson; Defensive player of year, Adam Neer.

Boys Soccer: Outstanding performance, Chris McFee; MIP, Josh Norris; Bill Sanford Memorial Playmaker Award, Jared Dicks; Versatility, Ben Laing.

Girls Soccer: Outstanding performance, Liz Holbert; Outstanding competitor, Elizabeth Hinkley; MIP, Rebecca Hinkley; Most coachable, Brittney Fahringer and Amanda Church; Most dedicated, Cassie Anderson; Outstanding defensive player, Anna Feltham.

Golf: Lowest overall average, Jesse Abildness.

Winter Sports

Boys Basketball: Outstanding player, Chris McGinnis; Most coachable, Ben Roosa; MIP, Justin Pepper; Mr. Hustle Award, Tim Feyerabend.

Girls Basketball: Outstanding player, Danielle Conway and Mariah Schaeffer; Bob Schaeffer Memorial Award for most coachable, Kimberly Hart; Best foul shooting percentage, Danielle Conway; MIP, Elizabeth Holbert.

Boys bowling: Outstanding performance, Jesse Abildness; Most coachable; Ben Newman; Most improved, Lewis Macumber.

Girls bowling: Outstanding performance, Katrina Ellis; Most coachable, Sarah Cox; Most improved, Christina Butcher.

Girls Volleyball: Outstanding performance, Nikki O'Brien; MIP, Angela Hovey; Outstanding competitor, Melissa Reigles; Most persevering, Cierra Hartwell; Outstanding varsity player, Rebecca Thomas and Allison Roosa; Most kills, Allison Roosa; Most assists, Rebecca Thomas.

Boys Volleyball: Outstanding performance, Ben Roosa; MIP, Evan Palmer; Most persevering, Patrick Mertz; Outstanding competitor, Josh Norris.

Wrestling: Most valuable, Kris Stafford and Kyle Davy; Most coachable, Daren Terpstra; Most improved, Charlie Engel; Rookie of year, Wayne Cirigliano.

Spring Sports

Baseball: Bill Burton Memorial Award for MVP, James Ruff and Greg Dicks; Highest batting average, Brian Engel (.424); Kenneth Parker Award for outstanding sportsmanship, Kyle Davy; Jim Lyons Memorial Award for MIP, Kris Stafford; Paul Kohler Memorial Award for greatest love of game, Kyle Davy.

Softball: Outstanding performance, Christina Butcher; Rookie of year, Chelsi Rosa; Highest batting average, Carrie Safford (.400); Outstanding competitor, Rebecca Thomas.

Boys Tennis: Outstanding performance, Lukas Winn; MIP, Michael Mertz.

Track: Willard D. Morse Memorial Award for greatest contribution to boys team effort, Chris McFee; Outstanding boys performance, Dustin Ross; Greatest contribution to girls team effort, Bethany Norris; Outstanding girls performance, Katarina Holowacz; B-G/A rookie of the year Russell Ross; Most improved performance, Melissa Reigles; Kurt Patrick McClain Memorial Award, Ben Laing.

Junior Varsity Sports

Football: MIP, Robert Ireland; Outstanding player, Russell Darling; Outstanding lineman, James Wells; Defensive player of year, Daren Terpstra.

Boys Soccer: Outstanding performance, Michael Mertz; MIP, Ryan Shuler; Outstanding competitor, Sam Kane.

Girls Soccer: Outstanding performance, Sarah Taggart; MIP, Raileigh Hall; Outstanding competitor, Caity Anderson.

Girls Volleyball: Most coachable, Lauren Porter; MIP, Lyndsay Palmatier; Most consistent, Ashley LaMont; Most persevering, Stephanie Mulhair.

Boys Basketball: Outstanding player, Travis Colburn; MIP, Elliot Pereira; Best foul shooting percentage, Jordan Smith; Most coachable, Matthew Robinson.

Girls Basketball: Outstanding player, Randi Conway and Chelsi Rosa; MIP, Kaity Margarum; Best foul shooting percentage, Randi Conway; Most coachable, Corrine Riegel.

Baseball: Outstanding performance, Paul Parsons; MIP, Travis Colburn.

Softball: Outstanding performance, Ashley LaMont; MIP, Kimberly Brown; Most coachable, Amber Bauerle.



Oneonta High athletic awards for the 2007-08 academic year, as announced at the 62nd annual Varsity O' athletic banquet June 12 at OHS.

Athletes of the Year: Alex VanDeusen (male) and Jess McCue (female).

E.C. Dutch Damaschke Award: Rachel Sason.

Anthony C. Drago Award: Dan Sweet.

Herb Burchell Award: Katie Sessions.

Service and Athletic Award: Lauren Payne.

Carl J. Delberta Award: Lane Potter (male) and Michelle Seeger (female).

Note: OHS also recognized 10 three-sport athletes, named academic and sportsmanship award-winners for each varsity team and announced that 14 teams earned scholar-athlete status throughout the academic year.



Morris athletic awards for the 2007-08 academic year, as announced at the Mustangs' annual athletic banquet June 10.

Peter Case Memorial Award: Kayla Forgit.

Louis Foote Memorial Award: Kaitlin Meyers.

Marine Scholar-Athlete Awards: Gretchen Meyer and Earl Smith.

Boys Soccer: Most Improved Player, Will Hickein; Sportsmanship, Justin Utter; Coaches, Earl Smith; Defensive MVP, Adam Shumway; Offensive MVP, Steve Hansen.

Girls Soccer: MIP, Caty Wetherbee; Sportsmanship, Victoria Hulse; Coaches, Kayla Forgit; Defensive MVP, Mollie Goodwin; Offensive MVP, Kaitlin Meyers.

Boys Basketball: MIP, Justin Chase; Sportsmanship, Eric Smith; Coaches, Adam Shumway; Defensive MVP, Dillon Anderson; Offensive MVP, Sean Babbitt.

Girls Basketball: MIP, Chrissy Banks; Sportsmanship, Kayla Forgit; Coaches, Mollie Goodwin; Defensive MVP, Kailtin Meyers; Offensive MVP, Gretchen Meyer.

Baseball: MIP, Justin Chase; Sportsmanship, John Heelein; Coaches, Matt Tracy; Defensive MVP, Steve Hansen; Offensive MVP, Sean Babbitt.

Softball: MIP, Brooke Anderson; Sportsmanship, Victoria Galbreth; Coaches, Chrissy Banks; Defensive MVP, Alicia Gregory; Offensive MVP, Melissa Galbreth.

Cheerleading: MIP, Kelly Dugan; Sportsmanship, Kate Darragh; Coaches, Bethany Brown.

Boys Track: MIP, Sean Galley; Sportsmanship, Corey Forgit; Coaches, Anthony Hartmann; MVP, Will Hickein.

Girls Track: MIP, Cassie Schwarzhans; Sportsmanship, Kaitlin Meyers; Coaches, Mollie Goodwin; MVP, Kayla Forgit.

Golf: MIP, Joe Utter; Sportsmanship, Nick Rozanski; Coaches, A.J. Puylara; MVP, Dillon Anderson.



South Kortright athletic awards for the 2007-08 academic year, as announced at the Rams' annual athletic banquet June 6 at Harbaugh Hall.

Boys Soccer: MVP, Jeremy Hanselman; MIP, Andrew DeFreese.

Girls Soccer: MVP, Alicia Murphy; MIP, Amber Shortsleeve.

Boys Basketball: MVP, Eric Burns; MIP, Steven Scherer.

Girls Basketball: Co-MVPs, Allison Gardner and Jordan Nichols; MIP, Courtenay Chambers.

JV Boys Basketball: MVP, Charles Darling; MIP, Ladd Hanselman.

JV Girls Basketball: MVP, Nicole Holdridge; MIP, Amber Shortsleeve.

Baseball: Co-MVPs, Daniel Many and Jeremy Hanselman; MIP, Tanner Metzko.

Softball: MVP, Brittany Pickett; MIP, Katherine Dixon.

Track: MVP, Kelly Peletz; Co-MIPs, Joseph Colasuonno and Amber Shortsleeve.

Robert Duba' McIntosh Award (Outstanding Senior Male Athlete): Jeremy Hanselman, Kale Hanselman.

Betty B' Award (Outstanding Senior Female Athlete): Allison Gardner.

Leroy Cornell Memorial Award (Baseball): Kyle Hotaling.

Joseph Zepka Memorial Award (Soccer): Joshua Palmatier.

National Scholar-Athlete Army Reserve Award: Ryan Dorosky and Cassandra McMullen.

Babe Ruth Sportsmanship Award: Joseph Kaufman and Abigail Sanford.

Delaware Scholar-Athlete Award: Jordan Nichols and Jeremy Hanselman.

NYSPHSSA Scholar Team Award: Girls Soccer; Boys Soccer; Girls Basketball; Softball.

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