As of Nov. 10

Player, TeamGPG-A_Pts

Kori Hamm, Edmeston2241-12_94

Chelsea Haight, Davenport2137-9_83

Emily Brigham, Milford1825-11_61

Danielle Gravel, Sidney1924-7_55

Stephanie Meno, Sidney1918-18_54

Laura Potter, Gilboa1721-6_48

Erica Faulkner, Margaret1920-6_46

Krista Baxter, Downsville1820-5_45

Laura Rowley, Coop1917-10_44

Molly Maguire, Walton1917-6_40

Monica Jones, Oneonta1716-5_37

Courtney VanBrink, CV-S1815-7_37

Jackie Gilley, Davenport2113-11_37

Chelsea Martin, Jefferson1915-6_36

Chacha Naito, Oneonta1714-7_35

Lily Stalter, Franklin1817-1_35

Allison Townsend, Downs1812-9_33

Emily Slentz, Edmeston2211-11_33

Eryn Bass, Cooperstown1910-10_30

Alex Natale, H-T1411-7_29

Emily Hull, Stamford1712-3_27

Renee Craft, SK1813-1_27

Jessica Caputo, Gilboa1711-4_26

Amanda Toombs, Daven218-10_26

Shelby France, H-T146-13_25

Brina Herr, Schenevus179-7_25

Katie Bedford, Jefferson1910-5_25

Jackie Maisonave, Wind1211-1_23

Morgan VanAlstine, CV-S189-5_23

Eva-Rae Andrews, Delhi217-9_23

Danielle Conway, B-G179-4_22

Amanda Peek, UV178-5_21

Jean Viafore, Delhi218-5_21

Nicole Foti, H-T147-5_19

Krista Krol, Milford188-3_19

Tallulah Guadagnino, SK187-5_19

Hailee Pasa, Jefferson197-5_19

Kirsten Davis, H-T149-0_18

Chandler Prouty, Milford188-2_18

Anna Hiller, Milford187-4_18

Mariah Ruff, Andes138-1_17

Krystal Plattner, H-T146-5_17

Amanda Tumilowicz, UV177-3_17

Jasmine Bogus, H-T146-3_15

Key: GP, Games Played; G-A-P, Goals-Assists-Points.

Notes: Statistics are based on games reported to The Daily Star as of Nov. 10. Players must average at least one point per game to appear among area scoring leaders. "Games Played" indicates total games played by teams, not individual players.

Corrections: Only coaches may report corrections or games that have not appeared in The Daily Star by calling 607-432-1000 after 4 p.m. weekdays or by e-mailing

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