Writer's Workshop

Huntington Memorial Library will hold a creative writing workshop for adults the first four Saturdays of May from 10 a.m. to noon in the meeting room on the third floor of the library. Come express yourself in this introductory writing workshop. Personal narrative, fiction or poetry, the style is up to you. Discover your voice, inspiration and stories.

The workshops will be taught by Janine DeFilippo. She holds a master's degree in creative writing from Manhattanville College, and a bachelor's degree in English from Iona College.

DeFilippo has developed and taught creative writing workshops aimed at teens and adults for the Divine Compassion Spirituality Center, Eastchester Public Library, Greenburgh Public Library and Mount Pleasant Public Library.

She is a College Reading and Learning Association Certified Tutor, and was a writing tutor at Westchester Community College.

Before becoming a workshop leader and tutor, she had a career in magazine publishing, working for Conde Nast Publications in New York City. DeFilippo lives in Oneonta.

The class is limited to 12 participants. Registration is required, and a fee of $40 is payable at the time of registration to ensure your space. Stop at the library to register or call us at 432-1980 with questions.

Spring Reading

Men and Dogs'

by Katie Crouch

When Hannah Legare was 11, her father went on a fishing trip and took the family dog. In "Men and Dogs" by Katie Crouch, the dog was found alone in the small boat, but her father was never seen again. Hannah has been haunted all these years believing that her father is still alive. As an adult, she sets out to learn what really happened all those years ago. She uncovers many ghosts of the past along the way and perhaps some of these things are better left buried.

The Everything Practice Interview Book'

by Dawn Rosenberg McKay

If you are getting ready for job interviews, you'll want to read "The Everything Practice Interview Book" by Dawn Rosenberg McKay. The book is organized by topic. A sampling of chapters include: preparing for the interview, making a good first impression, how to reveal your personality, skills and abilities, discussing your work history, answering questions that make your uncomfortable and how to follow-up after the interview. There's some very good advice in this book.

Pearl of China'

by Anchee Min

"Pearl of China" by Anchee Min is set in Chin-kiang, China, at the end of the 1800s. Pearl, the daughter of Christian missionaries, and Willow, the only child of a destitute family, are close friends. When a civil war erupts a few years later, Pearl must flee the country. Willow remains Pearl's friend, but does so at a cost. The Pearl we see in this book is the youthful Pearl S. Buck, and this novel of the friendship between Pearl and Willow shows how their lives remained connected even though they were miles apart.

You on a Diet'

by Michael Roizen

Michael Roizen's revised edition of "You on a Diet" helps you get around in the world of dieting, and contains more than 100 new recipes. He helps you understand how your body holds on to fat cells and what you can do to lose weight once and for all.

Children's Books

The Thingamabob'

by Il Sung Na

One day, Elephant finds a thingamabob. He doesn't know where it came from. He doesn't know what it was. He doesn't know what it does. He tries doing many different things with it that children will enjoy seeing. "The Thingamabob" by Il Sung Na is all about a mysterious red object.

Chester's Masterpiece'

by Melanie Watt

Melanie Watt has written two picture books about Chester the cat.

This time, Chester tells the story in "Chester's Masterpiece."

Melanie said it couldn't be done, so see what you think as you read the story. Melanie's sticky notes add extra humor to this mischievous cat's tale.

Library Hours: Monday-Thursday, 9 a.m.-9 p.m.; Friday, 9 a.m-5:30 p.m.; Saturday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Closed Sunday.

Marie Bruni is director of Huntington Memorial Library in Oneonta. Her column appears in the community section of The Daily Star every Thursday.

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