The village of New Berlin received $160,000 for this brick building at 2-10 Main St., and has proposed demolition. (Daily Star file photo)

Other third-round Restore NY funding announced by Gov. David Paterson on Wednesday included the following grants and projects:

Town of Stamford: Main Street Revitalization, $865,512.

The Main Street Revitalization project involves the rehabilitation of two vacant properties on historically significant main streets in the villages of Hobart and Stamford.

The Stamford structure is a vacant, four-story, Queen Anne Victorian with 13,750 square feet to be rehabilitated into first-floor retail, second-floor offices and third-floor apartments. A retail client is in place.

The Hobard building is 5,200 feet and will be made into a bookstore and book warehouse as part of the Book Village of the Catskills revitalization. The building will be occupied and operated by an established bookseller.

Village of Cherry Valley: 29 Main St., $225,000.

The project involves the renovation and restoration of the only vacant and abandoned mixed-use building located on Main Street in the historic village. The building was erected circa 1856 and is approximately 6,400 square feet, including three floors and a basement.

The project will provide commercial space on the first floor and housing units on the second floor. The building will have parking facilities. The exterior facade of the building will be restored in keeping with the surrounding architecture.

Local contractors will be employed for project construction.

Village of Sharon Springs: The Imperial Spa by Sharon Springs Inc., $1,000,000. Jobs created: 100.

The project aims to rehabilitate the historic Imperial Bathhouse (circa 1927) into a modern luxury spa. The project aims to re-establish Sharon Springs as a spa destination. The village of Sharon Springs has a rich history as a health-spa destination that counts former presidents and captains of industry as guests.

The rehabilitation will create spa and therapy areas of 41,200 square feet and 6,400 square feet for outdoor bathing facilities. The total renovated square footage, including amenities such as restaurants and gift shops, will be 50,000 square feet.

In conjunction with nearby tourist attractions in Schoharie and Otsego counties, the Imperial expects 40,000 day-trippers annually. In addition, a relationship with an East Coast Korean travel agency will help the Imperial will attract more than 80,000 visitors annually.

Town of Richmondville: Maranatha Family Center, $2,314,600.

The Maranatha Family Center project will demolish existing, vacant and unsafe barn space and rehabilitate the historic Dutch barn for future use. After demolition and rehabilitation, the reconstruction of a recreational/medical/fitness complex will commence. Phase I of the reuse of this building will entail a mix of office spaces and other types of facilities.

At the project's completion, it will include the existing Maranatha Physical Therapy and Maranatha Fit-for-Life Fitness Center; leasable office space; meeting rooms; and a children's activity center.

Town of New Berlin: Downtown Revitalization Project, $160,000.

The village proposes demolition of a three-story brick building at 2-10 Main St., at the main intersection of the New Berlin business district. On one corner is a vacant three-story brick building, which is collapsing, causing a public-safety concern to pedestrian and vehicular traffic and neighboring buildings.

City of Norwich: Norwich Frames Unlimited Building Rehabilitation, $200,000.

The city of Norwich proposes the rehabilitation of a vacant, mixed-use building, most recently used as a picture-frame shop and rooming house, located at 24 East Main St. in the city's central business district.

The two-story, wood-frame building, measuring approximately 3,300 square feet in floor area, will receive extensive exterior and interior rehabilitation to re-establish a new commercial/retail space on the first floor and residential use of the second floor, most likely two one-bedroom apartments.

Upon completion of the project, the city will sell the property.

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