The Midstate Athletic Conference's top scholar-athletes for each varsity sport from member schools for the 2007-08 winter sports season. Each individual listed is honored for having the highest academic average in his or her sport during the second, quarter marking period.

Afton: Casey Mohrein, Boys Basketball; Hannah Westfall, Girls Basketball; Jacob Arnold, Boys Bowling; Ashley Curtis, Girls Bowling; Nathan Cutting, Boys Swimming; Kyle Kelly, Winter Track; Rachel DeVona, Winter Track; Amy Knapp, Volleyball.

Bainbridge-Guilford: Dylan Whitaker, Boys Basketball; Brittney Fahringer, Girls Basketball; Jesse Abildness, Boys Bowling; Amanda Cochran, Girls Bowling; Ben Laing, Winter Track; Katarina Holowacz, Winter Track; Nikki O'Brien, Volleyball; Rebecca Thomas, Volleyball; Kyle Davy, Wrestling.

Delhi: Jacob Cipperly, Boys Basketball; Josie Elwell, Girls Basketball; Antoinette Astuto, Volleyball; Nick Shaw, Wrestling.

Deposit: Corey Andresen, Boys Basketball; Tia Smith, Girls Basketball; Amelia Blair, Volleyball; Luke Krembs, Wrestling.

Greene: Mark Day, Boys Basketball; Elizabeth Buhl, Girls Basketball; Sean Platt, Boys Bowling; Erica Smith, Girls Bowling; Patrick Daniels, Boys Swimming; Hilary Huttleston, Volleyball; Kurtis Shear, Wrestling.

Hancock: Derek Keesler, Boys Basketball; Alycia Jones, Girls Basketball; Chris Wadeson, Boys Bowling; Brianna Walker, Girls Bowling; Shauna Anderson, Volleyball.

Harpursville: Kyle Fuller, Boys Basketball; Abby Klutts, Girls Basketball; Joe Nieto, Winter Track; Kiersten Hamilton, Winter Track; Ashley Smith, Volleyball; Casey Griffith, Wrestling.

Oxford: Scott Seiler, Boys Basketball; Erin Law, Girls Basketball; Sierra Ruff, Volleyball; James Fagnani, Wrestling.

Sidney: Aubrey Wood, Boys Basketball; Chelsea Pixley, Girls Basketball; Kevin Davie, Boys Bowling; Jeff Olsen, Boys Bowling; Tammie Harris, Girls Bowling; Derrick Crawford, Boys Winter Track; Kim Young, Girls Winter Track; Lyndsay Gray, Volleyball; Tyler Koza, Wrestling.

Unadilla Valley: Darin Garcia, Boys Basketball; Jenna Rudnitsky, Girls Basketball; Caitlyn Weiss, Volleyball; Sheldon Bader, Wrestling.

Unatego: Chet Davis, Boys Basketball; Katya Harris, Girls Basketball; Dawn Barkman, Volleyball; Donald Brown, Wrestling.

Walton: Scott Davis, Boys Basketball; Carlee Hoyt, Girls Basketball; Dalton Harris, Boys Bowling; Candice Parkinson, Girls Bowling; Brianna Ogden, Cheerleading; Chris DeBrock, Boys Winter Track; Allison Gleason, Girls Track; Marta Gonzalez, Volleyball; Evan Boyd, Wrestling.

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