City of Oneonta Mayor Dick Miller on Friday night announced that he's running for re-election.

A media release stated that Miller, who was elected to his first term as a Democrat and on an independent line, "Collaborate for Oneonta," in 2009, will run as a Democrat in November and will seek to run on the Republican line as well.

"Until now, I had not announced my intentions to seek a second term," Miller said in the media release. "The Democratic Party announcement today that I would run on their line in the fall comes as a result of my reaching out to both of the major parties for support, as I did in 2009. ... Although they did not do so in 2009, I hope the Republicans, on their own schedule, might offer me a similar opportunity to that of the Democrats this year."

Miller, whose mayoral responsibilities have changed with the hiring of a city manager, had been president of Hartwick College before entering the 2009 race.

"The idea of of collaboration is very important to me," he said in the release. "I do not consider myself a politician, rather an elected official. In the spirit of collaboration I have been able to work effectively with the Council, union workers and their leadership, department heads and the recently appointed City Manager, and appointed boards, commissions and task forces. Together we have proven that the city of Oneonta can make significant progress on many fronts in difficult times. If elected again in November this year I look forward to collaborating with the same groups, in the same spirit, for another four years."

No other candidates have announced an intention to run in November's mayoral election.

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