On Monday, Miles Kinney holds a self-portrait in chalk and charcoal that won him a chance to show his artwork at UCCCA in a show that opens Friday.

ONEONTA _ Two teen artists will put their work under spotlights in a show that opens Friday.

Jacqueline Radtke and Miles Kinney said they look forward to hearing the reaction of viewers who see ``Fresh!'' an exhibition at the Upper Catskill Community Council of the Arts galleries in Oneonta.

``They're both brilliant,'' said Christina Hunt, coordinator of arts programming at UCCCA.

The show at UCCCA's Wilber Mansion, 11 Ford Ave., will open with a reception from 6 to 8 p.m.

The 18-year-olds won the chance to show their work in the 2007 Hi-Art competition and said they appreciate participating in a community exhibition. Hunt said teachers from area high schools were asked to submit works for the judging.

Radtke, a senior at Walton Central School, said a sculpture qualified her for this year's show at UCCCA, a result that left her ``completely shocked.'' She also paints and works in clay and graphic design. But she aspires to a photography career and will present about 20 black-and-white photos in the ``Fresh!'' show.

It's a big deal for me,'' she said. ``I'm really excited to see what people think of my work _ and nervous.''

Radtke said she enjoys taking photographs of nature, antiques and machines and is inspired by the ability to capture an image in black-and-white film and develop the photograph in a dark room. In black-and-white, she said, a viewer can focus on the ``true meaning'' of the image without the distraction of color.

Kinney, who also is considering an art career, will show drawings, paintings and sculpture. The exhibition will include ``Chase My Dog to the Batmanville,'' the charcoal and sidewalk-chalk drawing that won him entry into the UCCCA show.

Kinney, a senior at Sidney Central School, said he likes the expressive and experimental opportunities offered through art and was ecstatic to be chosen to participate in ``Fresh!''

The school has an awesome art facility, he said.

The teenagers' show will be in the Hathaway and Fine Craft galleries at UCCCA. The exhibition runs through March 23.

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