Otsego County Treasurer Myrna Thayne resigned Monday as treasurer of the Otsego County Republican Committee.

On Tuesday, Thayne said she had been thinking of stepping down from this party post for months. It was when she woke Monday that she decided to resign.

Last month in a close vote, Otsego County's Republican Committee endorsed Ed Keator Jr., of West Oneonta, instead of Thayne to be the party's candidate for county treasurer.

The office pays about $62,740 a year.

Next month, Keator, a former accountant in the Treasurer's Office, will have the committee's help circulating his nominating petitions to place his name on the ballot, according to Sheila Ross, GOP chairwoman.

Thayne could force a Republican primary in September by circulating her own petitions this summer. However, had she not resigned as party treasurer, she would have been running against an opponent endorsed by a committee on which she was serving as an officer.

That might have been awkward, she said Tuesday, but that's not why she resigned.

``I just decided it was too much for me to do, and I want to concentrate on my work for the county,'' she said. Her county office is running smoothly, and she wants to stay on top of the workload, said Thayne.

Being a party treasurer has become more complicated and time-consuming than it used to be, she added.

When asked whether she'll be passing petitions in June in running for a second term as treasurer, Thayne said, ``That's next month and we'll see then.''

According to Lucinda Jarvis, deputy commissioner of the Otsego County Board of Elections, nominating petitions for the 2009 election can be circulated starting June 9.

A Republican candidate for treasurer would need 699 valid signatures _ equal to 5 percent of the party's county enrollment _ to be listed on the ballot.

A Democrat would require 548 signatures, and the Democrats will have a candidate, according to party Chairman Ed Lentz of Garrattsville.

Ross said she was unsure whether Thayne will run against Keator, who resigned as the Treasurer's Office accountant earlier this month, accusing Thayne of acting unprofessionally in the office after he announced his candidacy.

Ross said a primary could help the Republicans. ``There's nothing wrong with offering people more choices,'' she said.

Thayne succeeded longtime Treasurer Theodora Moore, a Republican, in 2006.

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