The cutest job you could have

Kristen Hampton visits a kitten nursery in Charlotte.

CHARLOTTE, NC (RNN) - If you’re like a lot of people, cuddling with tiny kittens is your idea of heaven. Baby cat mews and snuggles can make anyone’s day better, right?

Well, heaven is a real place and it is the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care and Control Kitten Nursery.

This is a place where adorable mewling and squirming and cuddles happen all the time, and these precious little balls of adorableness are getting a chance at life.

“We feed them, give them little butt baths, we wipe their noses, wipe their eyes," says one of the volunteers, describing the sweetest little job ever.

Kristen Hampton got to visit and dove right in, learning how to be a kitten nursery volunteer. Turns out, it’s not quite as easy as we’d like to think. See, these babies are so little that you need you need to help them with EVERYTHING... from eating and drinking to... going to the bathroom?

“And you just rub it over his little...” says one volunteer, showing Kristen how to help one of the little guys go to the bathroom. “If it gets strong enough, it will, you know, take you eye out.”

“No no,” says Kristen. “Not today." The kitten struggles a bit in her grip, wriggling around and sounding a bit angry. "Hokay. Are we done? NO... It’s okay baby, I’m helping.

Maybe not everyone is cut out to be a fill-in kitten mom. Sorry, Kristen.

This year alone, over 400 kittens have been loved on and sent on to foster homes from this place. The workers at the facility are all volunteers, which means no one gets a pay check. Maybe kitten kisses are just as good.

You can get more information about the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care and Control Kitten Nursery and make a donation here.

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