MORRIS — The following is the fourth in a continuing list of Otsego County Fair local blue ribbon winners:

Alyssa Grocott of Edmeston: Dairy, Holstein winter yearling. Brown Swiss spring calf, spring yearling heifer, 3 year old cow and dam and daughter. Poultry, Ornamental dark Cornish Bantam (2) and Black Cornish Bantam (2).

Renee Halbert of Bainbridge: Fine Arts, photography, color, use of existing light, and any wildlife.

Kristine Hall of West Oneonta: Domestic, tied quilt.

Emily Hammond of Otego: Swine, York January spring gilt and Crossbreed Junior spring gilt.

Kendra Hammond of Otego: Swine, any other registered breed January spring gilt.

Meredith Hammond of Otego: Beef, Hereford bull calf, Angus, Junior heifer calf. Swine, spotted senior fall gilt and market pig.

Madison Harris of Richfield Springs: Fine Arts, grades K-4, decorated Christmas tree.

Marjorie Harris of Morris: Fine Arts, (two) landscape paintings.

Eli Hartman of Norwich: Horse, Gymkhana youth dash, Bleeding heart and keyhole.

Kristi Hartman of Burlington Flats: Dairy, Ayrshire winter yearling.

Braydon Hascup of Cooperstown: Goats, Alpine Junior kid.

David Hatton of Norwich: Rabbits, fancy Harlequin doe 6 months plus.

Dennis Heath of Mount Upton: Fine Arts, woodworking, hand carved.

Brittan Hill of New Berlin: Fine Arts, grades K-4, beaded craft item.

George Hillis of Morris: Garden/Farm, peas, onions, leaf lettuce, dill, any vegetable, wheelbarrow display and largest potato.

Morgan Hodge of Norwich: Dairy, Jersey summer yearling and Junior 2 year old cow.

Taylor Hodge of Norwich: Dairy, Jersey winter calf.

Jennifer Huntington of Cooperstown: Fine Arts, photography, color, scenic and B/W, any wildlife. Domestic, crocheted/knitted adult poncho or shawl, adult sweater or vest, child’s sweater or vest, adult mittens, gloves and hat, knitted or crocheted.

Rachael Hurlbutt of Edmeston: Fine Arts, grades K-4, sculptured craft item.

Danlani Johnson of Bainbridge: Horse, Gymkhana, green bleeding heart, green Cloverleaf and green keyhole.

Daniel Johnson of Edmeston: Rabbits, Mini Rex doe. Garden, dozen brown eggs. Poultry, Standard American Wyandott Golden laced hen, Ornamental Bearded Mille Flew Cock Bantam and Class 1 “Twilight.”

Lisa Johnson of Edmeston: Garden/Farm, dozen brown eggs, dozen eggs and largest chicken egg by weight.

Lucy Johnon of Edmeston: Fine Arts, grades K-4, any craft not listed.

Rebecca Johnson of Edmeston: Sheep, Dorsets, Junior ram lamb, ewe 2 plus years, ewe 1-2 years, Junior and Senior ewe lambs, get of sire, best 2 animals, dam and offspring and flock.

Rebekah Johnson of Edmeston: Fine Arts, grades 9-12, miscellaneous pencil drawing.

Cameron Jones of Cooperstown: Goats, Nigerian Dwarfs yearling, milker and dam and daughter.

Ginger Joslin of New Berlin: Fine Arts, collage, artistic composition, photography, color, creative or special effects. Culinary, banana quick bread, jumbles, bar cookies and any pie not listed. Antiques, cookbook.

Ethan Joslyn of Gilbertsville: Fine Arts, grade 5-8, oils/acrylic, casein, painting, any other not listed.

Maureen Joy of Morris: Domestic, crocheted/knitted afghan.

Connor Kane of Mount Vision: Sheep, Shropshires Senior Ram lamb, Junior Ram lamb, ewe 1 year old and under 2, Senior Ewe lamb, pair of lambs, get of sire, pair of yearlings, best 2 animals and flock. Southdown Junior ram lamb ,Junior ewe lamb pair of lambs and flock. Commercial, meat breed Junior ewe lamb.

Michelle Kane of Mount Vision: Sheep, Shropshires Junior ewe lamb.

Mother Katherine of Otego: Sheep, black wool fleece and any other natural colored wool fleece. Garden/Farm, best dressed cucumber. Fine Arts, montage, composite photography. Domestic, yarn, naturally colored, small wearable, fleece final project and any fiber not listed.

Seth Keever of Worcester: Poultry, Khaki Campbell pair of young ducks.

Brad Kelsey of Hartwick: Antiques, collections of Depression glass, colored glass, sterling silver/silver plate, copper, brass, napkin rings, salt and pepper shakers, figurines, stoneware, boxes, bells, food service pieces, salt dips, jewelry, buttons, political buttons, silver, pewter, copper, clear glass, pair of vases, pair of candlesticks, pair of salt and pepper shakers, creamer and sugar bowl, basket, bell, Christmas decoration, what is this, map, calendar, letter, USA coins, USA stamps, foreign stamps, picture, cotton dress, hats, embroidered cloth and hand-embroidered sampler.

Caren Kelsy of Hartwick: Flowers, aloe plant, Jade tree, snake plant, hens and chickens, Garden/Farm, display of four different vegetables. Fine Arts, silk flower baby arrangement. Culinary, white bread and rolls, peanut butter drop cookies and brownies.

Evelyn Kersmanc of Worcester: Garden/Farm, best dressed cucumber.

Jennifer Kersmanc of Worcester: Culinary, any candy not listed and strawberry/rhubarb jam.

Richard Kersmanc of Worcester: Garden/Farm, foliage, alfalfa, corn silage and haylage, Maple, Dark A maple syrup.

Sean Kersmanc of Worcester: Beef, Hereford steer or heifer more than 900 pounds. Garden/Farm, any grain.

Teresa Key of East Meredith: Horse Gymkhana, adult keyhole.

Sarah Kokell of Hartwick: Beef, American British White Park Junior heifer calf, Junior yearling heifer and get of sire. Other breeds, cow and calf.

Joe Koika of Milford: Antiques, hand corn planter, hand scythe, hay knife, other planting/harvesting tool and one man crosscut saw.

Mariana Krupp of Oneonta: Fine Arts, photography, color, scenic and B/W house pets.

Etain LaLonde of Morris: Horse, open Hunter Junior equitation on the flat. Western Junior pleasure and Junior disciplined rail, Junior Western road hack and Junior Western riding.

Collin Lamouret of Richfield Springs: Garden/Farm, five stalks of silage corn.

Aurienna Larson of Mount Vision: Horse, open Hunter halter mares, junior fitting and showmanship and Junior Hunter pleasure.

Carly Layman of Oneonta: Horse, Open western Junior fitting and showmanship, Junior all around Western, Junior cloverleaf and Junior pole bending.

Charlotte Lee of Oneonta: Horse ,Western open adult fitting and showmanship.

Donna Lee of Oneonta: Horse Western open fitting and showmanship.

Kyle Leech of Norwich: Fine Arts, specimen of candle making. Photography, color, any wildlife, house pets, collection of any four prints, B/W portrait, scenic and collection of any four prints.

Oliver Lesko of Cooperstown: Fine Arts, pre-school, picture using finger paints.

Lentsville Farm of Cooperstown: Dairy, Jersey best three Junior animals, Senior 2 year old cow, 4 year old cow, dam and daughter and breeder’s herd.

Luke Loveland of Cherry Valley: Beef, Hereford Junior heifer calf. Sheep ,Tunis Jr. ram lamb, ewe 2 plus years, ewe 1 – 2 years, Jr. ewe lamb, pair of lambs, pair of yearlings, flock, Jr. ram lamb, ewe 2 plus years, Jr. ewe lamb, pair of lambs get of sire, pair of yearlings, best two animals, dam and offspring and flock .

Sarah Loveland of Cherry Valley: Fine Arts, photography, color portrait.

Joleen Lusk of Richfield Springs: Dairy, Guernsey summer yearling.

Garland Mallette of Laurens: Fine Arts, collage craft artistic composition, free standing craft item. Antiques, toy.

Blair Mancuso of New Berlin: Fine Arts, country painting, sculptured craft item and decorated ready-made craft item.

Teresa Mandracchia of South New Berlin: Sheep, black wool fleece.

Tyler March of Burlington Flats: Dairy, Milking Shorthorn or other spring calf.

Madeleine Marsala of Edmeston: Fine arts, K-4, free standing craft item.

Summer/Robi Mayne of Burlington Flats: Sheep, other registered wood breed ram 1-2 years, ewe 2 plus and Jr. ewe lamb. Market, lightweight 70 lbs. and under medium weight 71-89 lbs. Rabbits, New Zealand buck 6-8 months, Fancy Harlequin doe 6 months plus. Mini Rex doe 6-8 months, (2).

Catherine McAdams of Maryland: Domestic, pictorial quilt and machine pieced and quilted. Sewing, pillow cases and any plastic canvas item.

Pamela McCabe of Worcester: Domestic, sewing child’s article of clothing.

Courtney McCarthy of Oneonta: Culinary, 10 and younger, other, muffin not listed and any dropped cookie not listed.

David McLean of Burlington Flats: Fine Arts, color photography, still life.

Nicki McNeil of Gilbertsville: Sheep, other naturally colored wool fleece. Domestic, fibers camelid yarn and any single ply yarn dyed, large wearable, small wearable and fleece final project.

Cassie Menendez of Edmeston: Dairy, Holstein spring and fall calf and junior cow 2 years old.

Dorothy Meyer of Norwich: Domestic, sewing, stuffed animal.

Brantlee Miller of Edmeston: Rabbits, Fancy, Netherland Dwarf doe, 6 months plus.

Cindy Miller of Morris: Antiques, collections of china, misc. bottles and insulators. Colored glass, cup and saucer, lamp, souvenir, handmade toy, dresser or manicure kit, misc. item, mail order catalog, manual, album, music, newspaper, misc. item and crocheted doilies.

Kaitlyn Miller of New Berlin: Sheep, pair of market lambs.

Karley Miller of Otego: Dairy, Jersey fall yearling heifer. Sheep, Oxford ram 1-2 years, ewe 1-2 years, ewe 2 plus years, ewe 1-2 years, Jr. ewe lamb, pair of yearlings, dam and offspring and flock.

Kassidy Miller of Mount Vision: Sheep, Southdown ewe 1-2 years, dam and offspring and commercial wool breed.

Leeland Miller of Edmeston: Rabbits, Fancy, crossbreeds, doe 6 months plus.

Patrick Miller of Mount Vision: Dairy, Holstein winter calf. Ayrshire spring calf. Brown Swiss aged cow, best 3 senior animals and breeders herd.

Martha Modinger of Otego: Horse, open Hunter halter, Junior Hunter pleasure and junior Hunter over fences.

Calica Moffitt of New Berlin: Fine Arts, pre-school, any craft item.

Barbara Moore of Mount Vision: Fine Arts, any craft item not listed and birthday scrap booking.

Morris Rotary Club of Morris: commercial float.

Sandra Mraulja of Cherry Valley: Dairy, Jersey winter yearling.

Angel Mravlja of Worcester: Rabbits, Fancy, crossbreeds doe under 6 months; Poultry, single female duck.

Skyline Farm Mulligan of Earlville: Draft horse, four horse hitch.

Sean Murray of Jordanville: Swine market hog.

Kyleena Newell of South New Berlin: Horse, open Hunter adult under saddle and open adult hunter pleasure.

Addyson Olson of Bloomville: Flowers, age 10 and younger, marigolds and any arrangement using imagination.

Otsego County Pomoma Lecturer: booth display in Grange building.

Diana Parker of Edmeston: Flowers, asters, calendulas, dahlia, any geranium gladiolus (2), any daisy, Oriental lilies, Asiatic lilies, marigold (2), pansy, rose (2), snapdragons, zinnia, miniature flowers, any annual flowers not listed, arrangement for mantel and arrangement of gladiolus. Garden/farm, best display of beets, head of lettuce, zucchini squash, yellow squash, summer squash and peppers,yellow snap beans, market cucumber, cucumbers, beets, parsley, peppers (2), lettuce, ripe tomatoes, squash (2), late potatoes, cauliflower and any herb. Miscellaneous, largest green tomato, largest ripe tomato and sunflower. Culinary, chocolate fudge.

John Patterson of Meredith: Fine Arts, any craft not listed.

Pat Patterson of Mount Vision: Flowers, potted violet (2) exotic flower, fern and cactus. Culinary, apple pie, berry pie, canning applesauce, any fruit, grape jelly and this and that.

Roy Patterson of Mount Vision: Garden/Farm, table and wine grapes.

Peggy Pavelka of Edmeston: Flowers, petunia and polka dot plant. Culinary, strawberry jam. Antiques, china, stoneware, teapot, pin cushion, sewing kit, magazine, tintype, handmade lace, colored tablecloth, quilt pieced and quilt appliqué.

Maureen Pawlikowski of Otego: Horse, show Gymkhana adult Dash, cloverleaf, straight line, pole bending and keyhole.

Richard Pegg of Morris: Beef, Hereford steer or heifer less than 750 lbs, other breeds steer or heifer less than 750 lbs and pair of market animals.

Lillian Perrine of Mount Vision: Rabbits, Fancy, Holland Lop doe less than 6 mo. Fancy, Netherland, dwarf buck and doe 6 months and older, Mini Rex buck and doe 6 to 8 months.

Megan Perrine of Mount Vision: Rabbits, Fancy, Holland Lop doe 6 months plus, and buck younger than 6 mos. Fancy, Netherland, dwarf buck 6 months plus (4), mini Rex buck and doe.

Daryl Persons of New Berlin: Poultry, old English black breasted Red Bantam cock.

Jaxon Persons of Mount Vision: Fine Arts, pre-school, picture using crayons.

Pierstown Grange of Cooperstown: Grange booth display.

Miranda Porter of Edmeston: Fine Arts, grades 9-12, oil/acrylic/casein, landscape and watercolor landscape.

Amanda Powers of Cherry Valley: Fine Arts, photography, color scene, use of existing light, collection of any four prints, action and ag animals. B/W still life, any wildlife, collection of any four prints, action and ag animals. Decorated large Christmas tree.

Andrew Powers of Norwich: Fine Arts, free standing craft item.

Cindy Powers of West Winfield: Culinary, sugar cookies, any rolled cookie, fruit dropped cookie and oatmeal dropped cookies. Antiques, fair book.

Elly Powers of Norwich: Fine Arts, photography, color, house pets, collection of any four prints, collection of any four ag prints. B/W portrait. Culinary, chocolate chip dropped cookies.

Helen Powers of Hartwick: Sheep, commercial meat breed ewe 2 plus years. Goats, LaManchas, milker (2). Fine Arts, photography, color, any wildlife.

James Powers of South New Berlin: Garden/Produce, four different vegetables/fruit display, squash, individual wheelbarrow display.

Pamela Powers of South New Berlin: Flowers, gladiolus and any lily. Culinary, any quick bread and zucchini relish.

Tesesa Powers of Hartwick: Flowers, any phlox.

Kate Preston of Milford: Beef grades and crosses, Junior yearling heifer. Goats, recorded grades produce of dam.

Dalton Proskine of Gilbertsville: Dairy, Jersey dry cow and produce of dam.

Garrett Proskine of Gilbertsville: Swine, Hampshire, senior fall gilt, any other registered breed senior fall gilt, Crossbreeds, Jan spring gilt and best bred and owned.

Kate Prouty of Bainbridge: Fine Arts, any mixed medium.

Linda Prouty of Bainbridge: Fine Arts, photography, color, scenic, B/W scenic and still life.

Victoria Prouty of Bainbridge: Fine Arts, grades 9-12, oil/ acrylic/ casen not listed and misc. charcoal.

Maxwell Pullis of Richfield Springs: Sheep, heavy weight, 90 lbs. plus market. Poultry, white Holland pair of turkeys.

Alice Quintin of Edmeston: Flowers, arrangement for dining table, arrangement for birthday, any arrangement not listed and any potted plant. Domestic, sewing/embroidery, picture wall hanging.

Selena Rathbone of Laurens: Culinary, corn muffins and chocolate cake. Antiques, collection of old Christmas decorations, doll and old book.

Sherlee Rathbone of Fly Creek: Domestic, quilt, hand-pieced and machine quilted.

Madison Reinert of Burlington Flats: Fine Arts, grades 9-12, any beaded craft item,

Amber Renwick of Otego: Fine Arts, grade 9-12, color photo any wildlife (2), house pets, color collection of four prints, action and ag animals.

Olivia Retz of Mount Upton: Fine Arts, grade 9-12, miscellaneous charcoal.

Anna Ritchey of Unadilla: Culinary, baking powder biscuits. Antiques, collection of four useful gadgets, bible, set of four greeting cards, set of four postcards, camera, photograph, fan, old-fashioned apron and children’s clothing.

Helen Ritchey of Unadilla: Fine Arts, holiday decoration wreath. Culinary, canning this and that.

Norman Ritchey of Unadilla: Antiques, collection of four items, marbles, hand sickle, hatchet, steelyard/stillards, wire stretchers, any item not listed, hop bar and crosscut two-man saw.

Jacob Sanford of Franklin: Horse, Gymkhana, Junior dash, Junior bleeding heart and Junior straight line.

Angelina Sasso of Jefferson: Horse Gymkhana Junior dash, bleeding heart, straight line and keyhole.

Schenevus Valley Grange: Grange fair booth display and best of show.

Elizabeth Scholl of Unadilla: Domestic, crocheted/knitted stuffed doll or animal, any knitted article, sewing/embroidery holiday item, and decorated ready made item.

Abby Seguare of Walton: Horse, Gymkhana, junior pole bending.

David Sellick of Hartwick: Beef Hereford steer or heifer under 750 pounds, Grades and Crosses steer or heifer under 750 pounds. Poultry Standard American Class Plymouth Barred Rock hen, other American hen, English class Sussex Speckled hen, other English cock, Ornamental Bantam White Cornish hen.

McKenna Sellick of Hartwick: Beef grades and crosses, Junior heifer calf. Brown Swiss winter calf and fall yearling heifer.

Jezrah Sherman of Bainbridge: Fine Arts, grades 9-12, color photography creative/special effects.

Elyza Shoeberl of Worcester: Rabbits, California doe, 6 to 8 months.

Christine Shute of Cooperstown: Horse, Western open adult all-around West.

Silver Spoon Dairy of Garrattsville: Dairy, Holstein, summer yearling and best three junior animals.

Noah Sitts of Edmeston: Fine Arts, grade 5-8, decorated ready made craft item.

Kali Sleezer of Guilford: Fine Arts, grade k-4, holiday decoration.

Heidi Slentz of Edmeston: Fine Arts, scrapbooking, other, one 12 x 12 page, birthday, two 12 x 12 pages, Christmas, wedding, Easter, any other.

John Slentz of Edmeston: Fine Arts, woodworking, woodburning entry.

Frank Sorensen of Morris: Garden/Farm, garlic bulbs and largest zucchini squash.

Diana Speri of Morris: Antiques, collection of canning jars, collection of milk bottles, spatula, household gadget, washboard and fair memorabilia.

Julie Stannard of Cherry Valley: Maple Grade A, Med. Amber Maple syrup, Maple fancy sugar, and 8 ounces of granulated sugar.

Graham Stroh of Morris: Fine Arts, action color photography.

Kathleen Stroh of Morris: Antiques, collection of pressed glass.

Leslie Stroh of Morris: Fine Arts, still life color photography.

Sarah Stroh of Morris: Fine Arts, color photography portrait, still life, creative or special effects, use of existing light, any wildlife and ag animals.

David Sullivan of Otego: Antiques, collection of woodworking tools, hammer and bucksaw.

Brianna Taber of New Berlin: Dairy, milking Shorthorn or other winter calf and dam and daughter.

Daphne Thompson of Morris: Flowers, cosmos, gloriosa daisy, any perennial, arrangement of wild flowers, any palm plant, any hanging plant not listed. Culinary, bread and butter pickles, pickled beets and pickled beans.

Beach Thornton of Morris: Fine Arts, K-4 grades, color portrait photo.

Kayla Tompkins of Morris: Vegetables, edible podded peas and pole beans. Culinary, any yeast roll, blueberry muffins, any other muffins and cake with frosting.

Kylie Tophoven of Edmeston: Sheep, junior ewe lamb.

Lee Truax-Bellows of Morris: Flowers, straw and wild flowers. Garden/Farm, bush snap beans, carrots, onions and summer squash.

Hayden Vibbard of Burlington Flats: Garden/Farm, largest zucchini squash and any vegetable.

Jack Vunk of Edmeston: Dairy, Holstein, senior cow, 2 years old, Ayrshire, summer yearling and aged cow. Milking, shorthorn or other senior 2 year old cow.

Julia Vunk of Edmeston: Dairy, Guernsey spring calf and 3 year old cow. Milking, Shorthorn or other 3 year old cow.

Julene Waffle of Laurens: Fine Arts, Photography, color portrait, use of existing light (2).

Lauren Waite of Edmeston: Draft Horse, Unicorn hitch and matched team hitch.

Rita Walkden of Edmeston: Domestic, Quilts, quilted tote, purse, etc.

Jacob Walter of Burlington Flats: Horse, Open Hunter junior under saddle and equitation over fences.

Makenna West of Milford: Rabbits, Fancy, Dutch doe under 6 months and doe 3 to 6 months. Poultry, domestic Mallard pair of ducks.

Westville Grange of Milford : Grange booth display.

Isaiah Williams of West Burlington: Culinary, any cake not listed.

Megan Wilmot of Cherry Valley: Beef, Hereford steer or heifer over 900 pounds, other breeds steer or heifer over 900 pounds. Goats, recorded grades dam and daughter, percentage classes doe kids (2) and doe (3), full blooded classes does 3-6 months, 36 plus months and full buck 0-3 months.

Grace Wing of Mount Vision: Sheep, other registered-wool breed Jr. Ram lamb and pair of lambs. Rabbits, Fancy Harlequin doe 6 months plus and Fancy English Angora buck 6 months plus.

Sharla Woodrow of Milford: Dairy, Jersey, fall calf, Brown Swiss fall calf and summer yearling.

Carolyn Wright of Sherburne: Fine Arts, grades K-4, Any craft not listed.

Grace Wright of Norwich: Horse, Gymkhana, lead line dash and lead line Cloverleaf.

Jayden Wust of Edmeston: Fine Arts, grades K-4, craft jewelry and objects of metal.

Jessica Zuill of Schenevus: Poultry, Hamburg Golden Pen Hen. Ornamental, Bantam any other variety (2), Bantam white Drake Duck, Pastel, Drake and Blue Fawn Drake.

Ryan Zuill of Schenevus: Poultry, Ornamental, Bantam Sebrights Golden Cock and Hen (3), Sebrights Silver Hen (3) Light Brahmas hen, Dark Cornish Bantam (4), any other variety (2) and other misc. cock.