As part of a CROP-supported after-school program, a group of middle school students at the Cherry Valley-Springfield Central School spent several weeks creating food and gift baskets to donate to a local food bank. Seven large decorated baskets were presented to the Daily Bread Food Pantry in the village of Cherry Valley for distribution at Thanksgiving.

Dee Mahalick, manager of the Daily Bread Food Pantry, said the bank serves about 122 families. "Cherry Valley-Springfield is always so awesome in their support of the food pantry," Mahalick said.

This project was supported by Wal-Mart and Price Chopper Stores, Cherry Valley-Springfield staff and local community members.

The Creating Rural Opportunities Partnership After School and Summer Program, or CROP, is managed by ONC BOCES. The CROP program is a consortium of 16 schools within the ONC BOCES district.

The Cherry Valley Community Facilities Corporation has partnered with The Cherry Valley""Springfield Central School to bring the CROP students into the community. Tamara and Richard Saba, mentors and chaperones for youth programs at the Old School Café, are community partners through the Facilities Corporation.

To make a donation to the food bank, contact Daily Bread Food Pantry, P.O. Box 103, Cherry Valley, NY 13320, or call 254-3306.

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