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We recently had a short-story contest for kids in kindergarten through eight grade to celebrate Children's Book Week and in preparation for our summer programs, which have the theme "Get Creative @ Your Library This Summer." We asked them to write a one-page short story and tell us what an elephant, a tiger, a pineapple, a train, and a kid named Alex had in common. We received 35 entries that told some great, and also wacky, stories. There were three winners in our contest, and their stories follow.

"The Talking Pineapple"

by Alyssa Ely-Rose, age 8

Alex and Melissa were best friends. They went everywhere together. One day they were walking down the train tracks and found a pineapple. Alex picked it up and the pineapple began to talk.

Alex and Melissa screamed. The pineapple said, "Thank you for saving my life. I'm supposed to be on the train to New York City zoo to visit my friend, but someone threw me off. Can you help me?" Alex and Melissa carried the pineapple to the train depot and they all got on to ride to New York City. When they got there to the zoo, Pineapple went to see his friend Tiger. They talked and talked. After a while, Pineapple went to find Alex and Melissa. They were visiting the Elephant.

All of a sudden the elephant reached out with his trunk and picked up the pineapple. Before anyone could stop him the elephant ate Pineapple all up.

Alex and Melissa were sad, but after all pineapples are good to eat!

"The Best Football Game"

by John Michael Mikolaicyk, age 9

There is a kid named Alex who loves football. Alex is 20.

He is in the NFL. He is on the Florida Tigers. In the game they don't have enough money to buy a football so they use a pineapple. The first game the Tigers play is against the Chicago Elephants.

The Chicago Elephants have an elephant for a mascot. The Tigers took a train to the field.

At the end of the game the score was 24-27. The Tigers won. Now it's the playoffs. The Tigers' best quarterback gets hurt, but they still win.

Now they're in the Super Bowl. There is one minute left and the score is 25-23. 10 seconds. Fourth down and a field goal to come. He kicks 50 yards. The pineapple is in the air. It's good!!

The Tigers are the Super Bowl Champs!


by Jennaya Marie Wheeler, age 9

Once upon a time there was a girl who was named Alex. Alex was swimming in the ocean. She hit her head on a pineapple. It was a magical pineapple. She turned into a mermaid! She said to herself, "What happened to me?" Next she met four animals named LuLu the lion, Tyna the tiger, Caroline the panda and Ele the elephant. They are meranimals! They become friends.

She saw a city. So she takes a train down to the bottom of the ocean. It was Mermanea. She was the richest girl, and the prettiest. She even had gold clam earrings. She had beautiful black hair with dark blue highlights. She had dark blue eyes. She wore pearl jewelry. She had a crown with emeralds in it. She wore a gem dress and pearl shoes. She grew up, got married to a merman, and had kids.

Alex and her family lived happily ever after.

Honorable mentions go to Jennica Holoquist, age 10, Eva Barberio, age 6, Kyle Kurkowski, age 8, and Wyatt Ambrose, age 11. Stop at the library in the children's room, where we've hung all the delightful stories, and read them.

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Marie Bruni is director of Huntington Memorial Library in Oneonta. Her column appears in the community section of The Daily Star every Thursday.

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