The following students at Andes Central School were named to the third-quarter honor roll.

12th grade

Superintendent’s honor: Sierra Barrett and Rachel Masterson.

High honor: Christian Bauer.

11th grade

Superintendent’s honor: Emily Andersen.

High honor: Benjamin Andersen.

Honor: Hunter Collins.

10th grade

Superintendent’s honor: Lila Green, Katherine Edelson, Rylee Burton and Dusty Richards-Consigny.

Ninth grade

Superintendent’s honor: Christina Chakar.

Honor: Vincent Spanburgh.

Eighth grade

High honor: Shane Edwards and Isis Brannan.

Seventh grade

Honor: Gabriellah Bene.

Sixth grade

High honor: Sebastian Tosi, Lilly Temple, Jacob Ventimiglia, Jesse Wright-Bourke, Mason Leal and Brandon Temming.

Honor: Faith Sass.

Fifth grade

High honor: Juliette Bradley, Matthew Liddle and Duncan Foster-Allen.

Honor: Austin George and Laney Mondore.

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