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25 years ago

Feb. 19, 1987

WALTON _ The race for mayor of Walton lost a candidate Wednesday and the village learned that it is going to lose one of its most colorful residents.

Gilbert "Hubcap Man" Lane withdrew his petition from the race _ narrowing the field to three _ and said soon he will be leaving the area.

Lane has sold hubcaps, tires and appliances from the corner of Delaware and West streets since 1983, claiming squatter's rights as a service veteran under a little-used state law.

"They have emotionally drained me because they are hypocrites," he said. "I spoke to about 200 village residents and was totally disgusted. The people who I thought were my friends have turned their backs on me. I was asking businessmen to sign my petition so I could be put on the ballot and they wouldn't sign it."

Lane said some people told him they couldn't sign his petition because they had already signed another one.

"They wouldn't say it, but they are running scared," he said. "They are all sticking together. Everyone said they wanted a change in the leadership of the village. But when it came right down to it, they couldn't go through with it."

Although Lane said he had more than the number of signatures required to be put on the ballot _ 80 instead of 75 _ he said he didn't want to go through the race because the affluent and educated are hypocrites.

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