25 years agoJan. 31, 1989

COOPERSTOWN — Simple mathematics shows income from Off-Track Betting probably cannot pay the total cost of building a new Otsego County Jail with an estimated price tag of $6 million, according to Rep. John Nader, D-Oneonta.

Nader also disputed the view of Rep. Deane Winsor, D-Milford, who said last week he felt as many as 10 of the 14 representatives would support Off-Track Betting. But Nader said he knew of five definite “no” votes and three more likely “no” votes.

Last week Rep. Joseph Kenyon, D-Worcester, went public with a proposal to revive consideration of OTB for Otsego County, providing that all income from OTB be dedicated to pay the cost of building a new jail. Kenyon said he felt he had the required eight votes on the board of representatives to support the idea.

The only other method to pay for the proposed new jail would be through property taxes, Kenyon said.


50 years agoJan. 31, 1964

The fate of the Wilber Mansion, an Oneonta landmark and headquarters for several organizations, may be decided at Tuesday night’s meeting of the Common Council.

Dr. Alexander F. Carson, chairman of the Capital Budget and Planning Commission, said Thursday night that the commission “has considered the possibility” of razing the structure as a means of expanding municipal parking facilities.

Dr. Carson said no decision has been reached regarding the mansion but said his group will probably make a recommendation for the expansion of the Dietz Street parking lot at Tuesday night’s meeting.

Some organizations housed in the mansion have already received indications that they may have to seek new quarters.

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