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25 years ago

May 10, 1962

MOUNT UPTON (Special) _ Norman Don Nielson, 17, son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Neilson and valedictorian of the 1962 graduating class of Mount Upton Central School, has been named state winner in a national essay contest on the subject of employment of the physically handicapped.

The award, a round trip ticket to Washington and $100 expense money for the trip, was presented at a meeting sponsored by Broome County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO in Binghamton Tuesday.

The contest was sponsored by the President's Committee and Cooperating Governor's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped. The prize was provided by New York State Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO.

Theme of the essay was advice to employers to hire the handicapped "to provide them a passport to dignity," and emphasizing that it has been shown that the handicapped are actually more productive than unimpaired workers, suffer fewer disabling injuries on the job, and providing them with employment eases the tax burden of the employer.

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