Step Back in Time features community news from The Daily Star 25 and/or 50 years ago.

25 years ago

Jan. 31, 1984

DELHI _ The Delaware County Historical Association is looking for James B. Howe, E. B. Paine and J. Drunkemolle, and they may be in your living room.

The three men were cabinetmakers who produced furniture in the 19th century in Delaware County. As part of the interpretive plan for the Frisbee House, the DCHA is seeking signed or labeled pieces of furniture made in the county to photograph for research files.

In 1939, Howe advertised, "Mahogany Bureaus of very elegant patterns... dining and tea tables." Paine promoted his new cabinet shop in 1827 in an ad selling "Pillar and Claw Tea Tables, Card Tables, Chess Tables, Settees." And in Hobart in 1858, Drunkemolle was selling "Plain and Fancy Furniture."

Other local furniture makers of the day included Gould & Griswold, Drake, Hathaway & Elwood (formerly Drake & Stimson) and Coon & Salisbury, all of Delhi; Bailey & Woodhouse, Meredith; Calvin M. Tinker, North Kortright; and Barber & Cowles, Roxbury.

Some cabinetmakers, like T. & N. Jackson of Delhi, had two professions. Their ads read, "Undertakers and Dealers in Cabinet Furniture."

Labels or signatures are most often found on the underside or backside of furniture, including the drawers.

50 years ago

Jan. 31, 1959

COOPERSTOWN _ Mrs. Frederick H. McGown Jr., was named to head the Cooperstown Girl Scout Council at the annual meeting held early this week at the home of Mrs. E. Decker Ayers.

Mrs. McGown heads a slate of officers comprised of Mrs. Francis M. Reynolds, vice-president; Mrs. Glenford H. Hubbell, secretary; Mrs. Theodore W. Bellows, treasurer; and Mrs. Robert A. Root, registrar.

Also, Miss Margaret Lynch, program; Mrs. Ayers, Brownies; Mrs. Robert C. Tennant, organization; Mrs. V. Earl Nicklas, campership; Mrs. James M. Brayden, Juliette Low; and Mrs. Donald C. Mathewson, leader training.

The nominating committee included Mrs. Allen W. Bratton, Mrs. Reynolds and Mrs. Stuart P. Taugher.

Mrs. Bratton, Mrs. Gordon S. Winnie and Mrs. Taugher are retiring board members.

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