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50 years ago

Nov. 25, 1958

SIDNEY _ Approximately 300 turned out at Mount Upton High School to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Borden Hose Company of Mount Upton firemen.

With the help of charter members present, Claude "Bus" Wadsworth, master of ceremonies, launched the program by re-enacting the charter presentation with the original charter and one of the original torches used in the early days of illumination.

Participating in this phase of the program were Mr. and Mrs. Everett Jewell, now of Sidney and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cairns of Rockwells Mills.

Also honored during the evening were past chiefs: Clyde Richmond, Claude Wadsworth, Lorin Albrecht, George Borst, Art Twitchell, Don Cole, and Larry Pearsall; present chief, A. C. Thomas; representing members of fire department, Herm Frank, past captain of emergency squad, Walter Merritt and its present captain, Vic Pearsall.

Other dignitaries introduced included Howard Bartlett, Oxford, president of the Chenango County Firemen's Association and chief of the Oxford department; William Foster, chief of Eagle Engine and Hose Company, Gilbertsville; and Earl Oldfield, supervisor of Town of Guilford.

The Borden Hose Company was organized Sept. 30, 1908, with Charles C. Brooks as chief. The first piece of equipment was a 60-gallon, two-wheel man-propelled chemical tank. Rockdale joined with Borden Hose Company in 1939, with fire stations maintained in both villages. With the inclusion of East Guilford in the fire district in 1951, the Borden Hose Company now serves a district approximately 10 miles long by three to four miles wide.

The total membership of 76 in the Borden Hose Company is comprised of men from in or near East Guilford, Rockdale and Mount Upton.

Chiefs who have headed the company since its founding in 1908 are C. G. Brooks who served the first eight years; Archie Pierce, 1916; Clyde Richmond, 1917; C. B. Wadsworth, 1920; George Emerson, 1926; C. B. Wadsworth, 1928; C. Dixson, 1930; Lorin Albrecht, 1932; Floyd Conklin, 1934; D. Wakefield, 1935; Clifford Davis, 1944; George Bost, 1945; Niles Palmer, 1947; Art Twitchell, 1949; Don Cole, 1952; Larry Pearsall, 1953; and A. C. Thomas, current chief elected in January this year.

Original charter members were A. C. Pierce, Walter A. Nearing, Henry R. Stratton, John L. Gray, John M. Irving, Louis G. Murdock, Charles Moore, C. Ruben Johnson, E. E. Tuttle, Walter H. Chase, R. S. Barney, Leroy Willey, Harvey H. Stevens, F. S. Jameson.

Also, William C. Osler, Everett Jewell, Robert Cairns, Bert B. Flint, Roy H. Prentice, Earl W. Romans, George S. Wheeler, William M. Wadsworth, O. J. Richmond, Richard Lewis, W. F. St. John, F. J. Paddick and J. A. Renwich.

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