Step Back in Time features news items from The Daily Star 25 and 50 years ago.

25 years ago

Aug. 15, 1994

Gate-crashing wasn’t limited to the Woodstock concert site this weekend.

A car packed with five young Indiana men returning from the festival slid off Interstate 88 in Oneonta Sunday morning after the driver fell asleep, tearing through more than 100 feet of guardrails and chain-link fencing.

Amazingly, none of them was injured.

Other than that accident, the Oneonta area apparently felt little effect from Woodstock ’94, attended by more than a quarter-million people in the rain and mud of Saugerities, fewer than 100 miles away.

But some agencies were gearing up Sunday night for the possible chaos as the hundreds of thousands leave. Three members of the Chenango County Civil Air Patrol, including Lt. Col. James R. Parce of Unadilla, were dispatched to Saugerities to give traffic reports to the state Emergency Management Office.

50 years ago

aug. 15, 1969

Four aldermen, Mayor Albert S. Nader and representatives of several Oneonta agencies gave approval Thursday night in the proposed design of the city’s projected $1 million, four-level, 400 car parking facility.

The design, including an architect’s model of the 270 by 120 foot structure, was presented by Architect Robert Jennings of Newman and Doll with back-up comments by Peter DiCarlo, another member of the firm.

The approval after Jennings had shown off the design features of the proposed structure and outlined the state of planning for the group which included, in addition to Nader and the aldermen, members of the city’s Capital Budget and Planning Commission; Urban Renewal Agency and Engineering Department.

Once the presentation was over and the group assured that the $1 million estimated cost is “in the ballpark,” Mayor Nader polled the four aldermen, Alvin Parisian, First Ward; Thomas Cannistra, Fourth Ward; Howard Jeffrey, Fifth Ward, and Andrew Tisinchek, Sixth Ward, for an expression of their approval.

And all four expressed their approval and indicated that Newman and Doll should proceed with the planning which currently has included drilling in the area to discover what type of foundation — and structure — is best adapted to the area.