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50 years ago

Jan. 15, 1970

DELHI — The matter of ID cards for young people in Delaware County is again receiving official scrutiny and interest.

The identifying means for service in premises serving alcoholic beverages was brought to the attention of the Delaware County Board of Supervisors at its regular meeting in March of 1969, when Masonville Supervisor Henry Eckhardt introduced the topic and asked then Delaware County Sheriff Wendell “Pete” Young to explain the matter as proposed by the Delaware County Hotel and Restaurant Association. Sheriff Young said, “This subject has come up before, in fact, a number of years ago. At that time, cards had been made up to show two photos of the bearer and the official seal, but not more than 25 were issued in the whole county. The County Hotel and Restaurant Association at that time did not insist on a young patron producing an ID Card before being served, and the project died out.”

At a meeting held this week by the Delaware County Hotel and Restaurant Owners Association, that group indicated its willingness to aid implementation of the plan, and so advised Sheriff Levon Telian. Undersheriff Tyrone Stanton of Walton has been assigned the task of advancing the program.

The hotel owners’ group has authorized an expenditure of up to $1,200 toward processing of the technical details such as necessary materials and the accompanying laminating procedure. The cost of the process in 1968 was estimated to be approximately $2,200, but since that time, increased labor and material costs have brought that amount nearer to $2,500.

The matter will receive further study, with the possibility of interesting other groups and agencies in the program. It has been suggested that merchants, chambers of commerce, and other organizations might find a standardized identification card system might be of great commercial value to many establishments, especially in their dealings with young people or persons not well known in a given area.

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