Step Back in Time features news items from The Daily Star 25 and 50 years ago.

25 years ago

Jan. 15, 1990

When local businessman Thomas Scholet stepped off the airplane onto Soviet soil for the first time, he said it felt like he was stepping back into a black and white movie made 40 years ago.

Scholet — one of six area residents who traveled to the Soviet Union over the holidays to discuss forming a sister city for Oneonta with residents of Zagorsk — said he was impressed most by the warmth and openness of his Soviet hosts.

The Oneonta resident said he was struck by the rows of same-styled apartment buildings, the long lines of people waiting outside stores for food, the dancing and singing that seemed to be a natural part of any family gathering and the often spectacular fur hats worn by Soviet citizens.

“I never saw two that looked alike — just like snowflakes,” Scholet said Sunday. The hats cost up to $500 in some cases, he said, but people seem willing to pay the price “because they are the only way one could show what they were worth.”

The group spent several days in Moscow, Pereslavi-Zalessky and Zagorsk, where they talked with Soviets about starting up a Rotary Chapter through Rotary International, discussed setting up business exchanges and mapped out plans for the sister city project, said Otego resident Paul Burdett.

50 years ago

Jan. 15, 1965

WALTON — Delaware County at long last is going to have a museum, which will be open this summer according to plans.

The Delaware County Historical association planning committee met Sunday at the home of Miss Marian Blakely at Davenport to discuss plans for the museum.

Mrs. (Frank) Lane is chairman of the museum planning committee. She said that members decided to restore the main part of the Frisbee home located near Delhi, into a museum. Mrs. Lane added the group plans to restore four rooms, consisting of two large rooms upstairs and two downstairs plus two large halls. This will be the main part of the former Frisbee home that was built in 1804 in the Federal period.

Work will commence this spring on the house, which will need considerable work including wiring and plaster. Mrs. Lane said that they plan to have Delaware County’s first museum open this summer. Since there are sixty-six acres on the property the group hopes in time to expand the project similar to the Cooperstown museum.

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