Step Back in Time features news items from The Daily Star 25 and 50 years ago.

25 years ago

Jan. 16, 1995

Temperatures usually experienced in May, not January, brought a false spring to the area over the weekend, enticing people to shed their winter coats and even plants to bud. The balmy weather is expected to continue most of this week.

At the peak of the warm spell Saturday in Oneonta, the high was 63 degrees and the overnight low was 58 — the previous record high temperature for the date, Sunday, at 63 degrees, also saw a record high for the date.

It was the warmest day since Nov. 18, according to David Mattice, National Weather Service observer in Oneonta, but there wasn’t much fierce winter in between. So far, there have been no sub-zero temperatures and little more than a foot of snowfall.

Because of the astoundingly low amount, and because the weekend did not see heavy rainfall, Mattice said, there was little danger of flooding.

50 years ago

Jan. 16, 1970

The State of New York is polluting Oneonta air.

And the city’s public safety board wants something done about it.

In this case, the State takes the form of the State University College, Oneonta.

The city’s environmental technician Ralph A. Shaver and Alderman Edward J. Griffin have gotten several complaints from residents in the vicinity complaining about “near choking” smoke pouring from the college’s furnaces at times.

The safety board voted unanimously last night to send a letter to local health officials asking for proposals for correcting the problem.

“Don’t let this drag on. This is something that should be taken care of right away,” Griffin, common council liaison to the board, advised.

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