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50 years ago

june 12, 1969

A Long Island Lawyer assigned to find a common ground of agreement between Oneonta’s school administration and its faculty association has decreed that the school district must meet the starting salary demands of the teachers.

Accepting as understood “the outcry of the Board as ‘too much’: of the Association as ‘too little’ and the community as ‘more taxes,’” Factfinder Joseph T. Doyle has recommended that the starting salary for teachers in the 1969-70 school year be set at $6,500 a year.

The report of the Factfinder was officially released Wednesday by the Public Employee Relations Board (PERB), the agency to which the state assigns mediation, factfinding and negotiations between public employees and school and municipal governments after these agencies fail to reach an agreement.

In the other critical part of his findings, Doyle also recommended that teachers and administration “should accept final and binding arbitration for all issue arising out of the interpretation and application of the parties’ agreement.”

However, after finding in general for the Oneonta Teacher’s Association on the points of salary and arbitration, Doyle rejected the Association’s proposal for 100 per cent payment of medical insurance premiums by the administration.

In a brief recommendation he said the proposal is “rejected without further comment. Present practice should be maintained.”

In recommending that the teacher salary demand be met, enforcing a $500 increase over the current $6,000 starting salary, Doyle said, “The Board must realize that its salary schedule must be competitive to attract new teachers. The new schedule incorporating the recommended adjustments will help to keep the Board on a par with area changes and is needed to retain staff.”