Step Back in Time features news items from The Daily Star 25 and 50 years ago.

25 years ago

march 15, 1994

A year and a half after Rick Detweiler took over the Hartwick College’s presidency, some faculty members are saying the changes he’s made haven’t been all for the better.

Last week, some 40 faculty members signed a petition expressing concern about the direction the college has taken since Detweiler assumed the presidency. Fifteen faculty members later met with the president to discuss their concerns, which included compensation and other campus issues.

“It was a very positive meeting,” said Winifred Wandersee, a history professor and faculty chair. “We all came out feeling very good about the future of the college.” Wandersee said she wasn’t among those who signed the letter, but was invited to attend the meeting by the faculty members who did.

“(President Detweiler) is taking the college in a different direction than the previous administration,” said Wanderseee, “and there are some who have concerns about that. But we have one of the most committed and involved faculty I can possibly imagine, and I believe the faculty is definitely behind the president.”

50 years ago

march 15, 1969

Oneontans will have a chance to “Swing and sway with Sammy Kaye” this year when one of the most famous bandleaders of all time drops his baton for the opener May 3 at the annual Policeman’s Ball.

Officer Paul C. Wenck, president of the Oneonta Policeman’s Benevolent Association said Friday as contracts have been signed to bring Sammy Kaye’s band to the Armory. Dancing will be from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.

The “big band” sound of Sammy Kaye received nationwide TV coverage, playing at President Richard M. Nixon’s Inaugural Ball.

Perhaps few Oneontans will even have a chance to lead the band. “So you want to lead a band” has become synonymous with the Kaye band as he invites people from the dance floor to take the baton and lead. To date, according to information from Kaye’s press agent, 100,000 amateur conductors have tried their prowess with a baton. Each contestant receives an autographed baton.