Step Back in Time features news items from The Daily Star 25 and 50 years ago.

25 years ago

may 20, 1994

Hartwick College students were tense, angry and a little scared Thursday after finding out one of their 1,459 peers may have the HIV virus and might have infected six other students.

College President Richard Detweiler called a special meeting of the student body Thursday afternoon to answer questions about an anonymous letter he received last week from a male student.

“I will leave Hartwick with much guilt. I have been recently tested positive with the HIV virus. I have engaged in unprotected sexual intercourse with six female members of the Hartwick community and regret my horrible mistake…I do not have the courage to face those at risk thus I encourage you to make the community aware. I pray that you handle this information with sincerity and professionalism,” the letter said.

Detweiler then received another anonymous letter under his door early last Thursday morning. Unwilling to bank on the possibility that it was a hoax, he sent out a handwritten memo to students asking the letter-writer come forward.

50 years ago

may 20, 1969

n an effort to pin down, once and for all, local control of the old Oneonta Postoffice, the city’s Urban Renewal Agency has forwarded a 10 percent deposit to the General Services Administration, the federal agency that handles the disposal of “surplus” federal property.

Plans by the city’s Urban Renewal Agency to acquire the building at Main and South Main were disclosed two weeks ago by Mayor Albert S. Nader.

Yesterday an Urban Renewal spokesman said the GSA has been provided with a check for $7,900 as a 10 percent deposit on the building, now priced by GSA at $79,000.

If GSA accepts the check as a down payment on the structure — and also accepts the details contained in an accompanying “enabling resolution” from the agency — fears that the old postoffice might pass out of local control will at least for the immediate future, have been laid.