25 years ago

oct. 22, 1993

Eagles, Elks, Moose, American Legion, and other fraternal clubs in the city will be able to have games of chance known as “bell jar” if residents pass Proposition No. 4 this coming Election Day.

The game involves a service organization purchasing prepared packets of tickets that are sold, giving ticket takers a chance to win money.

Nick Nichols, secretary of the Eagles, said the bell jar game is legal in neighboring communities. Oneonta is behind the times holding onto “little blue laws” by not making the games legal, he said.

“It’s not big-time gambling,” Nichols said, “Nobody’s going to get hurt.”

Clubs would use the income to support themselves and for donations to local groups such as Boy Scouts, Little League, heart and cancer associations, Nichols said. And the city and state would see revenue, too.

50 years ago

oct. 22, 1968

Leaves are child’s play when dry, and men’s work when they’re wet.

Although city leaf removal crews handle dry leaves, they prefer the wet, soggy ones. They’re easier to handle, explains Parks-Streets Supervisor James Catella, who spent most of Saturday picking up fall’s debris from city’s streets.

Catella and his men have the art of leaf removal honed to a fine edge. Men from all city departments (water, streets and parks) are called in to battle Mother Nature’s seasonal trail of leaves.

Five trucks with snow tracks, a sweeper, two International Scouts (four-wheel drive vehicles) with plows, the city snowloader, a front end loader and a “Vactor” (overgrown vacuum cleaner) are pressed into service.