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50 years ago

Sept. 5, 1969

A 75 percent cutback in federal construction spending, ordered by President Richard M. Nixon, will have no effect on funds for the $124 million Susquehanna Expressway.

The disclosure that funds for the Expressway (Interstate Route 88) are not to be cut in the overall reduction announced yesterday by the President came after Congressman Samuel S. Stratton made an emergency, hurry-up call to the Western White House.

Stratton, who was the recipient of some anxious telephone calls from along the route of the proposed arterial highway, called The Star late yesterday afternoon to report his findings.

The construction programs to fall under the ban, the 35th District Congressman reported, are those which are 100 percent funded by the federal government, not those for which, like the interstate highway program, the funds have been placed in trust.

In the interstate program — the Expressway was written in as Interstate 88 earlier this year — costs are shared by the states and federal government, 90-10.

In other state highway programs there is a 50-50 split between state and federal financing. The effect of the President’s moratorium on those programs was not entirely clear last night.

President Nixon, speaking at his western White House in San Clemente yesterday, said the move to curb government construction spending is an effort to bring the “forces of inflation under control” and indicated the limitation “will continue until conditions cease…”

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