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50 years ago

Sept. 4, 1969

A giant step towards realization of Oneonta’s 25-acre Urban Renewal Project came Wednesday afternoon when word arrived that Gov. Rockefeller has approved a $623,997 grant for the project.

The grant, supplied under the New York State Urban Renewal Assistance Program administered by the Division of Housing and Community Renewal, is the state’s share of the city Urban Renewal Program, which is one-eighth of the total cost of the project.

Under the financing schedule by which federal, state and local agencies share in the program, federal money, administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, provides three quarters of the money expended; the state (Urban Renewal Assistance) and the municipality, the remaining quarter divided equally.

The news that the state grant has been approved at the Governor’s level was relayed yesterday in mid afternoon by Oneonta’s Urban Renewal Director, David Cooper.

In making the announcement, Cooper explained that such grant applications came under the same very close scrutiny at state levels to which they are subjected by federal officials.

“With New York State,” the director said, “we have to qualify in all of the aspects.” And he said the state is especially strict about the qualifications on relocations for businesses and individuals.

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