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50 years ago

Sept. 17, 1970

Members of the Greater Oneonta Chamber of Commerce Wednesday disputed some points made in a release from Gov. Rockefeller’s office outlining what he termed “the dramatic impact of the State University College at Oneonta” on both the city itself and Otsego County.

The main points in the governor’s press release were that SUCO students spent $4-million in Otsego County during academic 1969-70 and that the total assessed value of college employees’ city property was over $3-million.

The student expenditure figure was termed incorrect by chamber officials who added they were “skeptical” of the assessed value total.

Earlier this year, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce found that students spend on average of $15 per week “out of pocket” in their respective college communities. That figure does not include lodging and meals on campus.

Considering SUCO’s present 4,700-student enrollment, the total spent would be $2.16 million if each student spent $15 per week.

That figure was also carried in The Star’s 1970 Progress Edition. The sum had been arrived at jointly by SUCO and chamber officials.

Chamber President Robert M. Bookhout said, “I really believe that SUCO has had a tremendously favorable affect on Oneonta and Otsego County. The figures contained in this release are quite striking.

“I couldn’t say whether or not these figures are correct — I don’t have the information to make such a decision. But aside from the numerical assessment, the point, or the striking quality of these figures, I think project an accurate assessment.”

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